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Completely exterior house (no loading screens), unique design and architecture, immersive staged objects, immersive containers, scimitar/shield on back, panoramic view of Solitude. Best house for Redguards and for Anequina Khajiits. Mod status: finished.

Permissions and credits
House of the Redguard

- by DavideMitra -

NEWS: I'm building House of the Redguard II. It is a bigger and highly superior house, if compared to this one. Here's the Nexus "official mod topic link"

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The mission of House of the Redguard is to bring an original, unique, comfortable and interactable home to all Redguard characters...but also to Anequina Desert Khajiits.


  • The mod has been completely created with vanilla stuff (except for a modified version of scimitar and shield mesh). Impressively, even if I had to work with vanilla materials, I was able to build an house with unique design and architecture style.

  • No loading screens. Completely exterior house.
  • Cross-legged furniture and panoramic furniture included.
  • Immersive staged objects: certain objects can change their status (for instance, cooking pot can be toggled on and off...or you can remove clothes from the openable wardrobe). This makes the house completely different, if compared to classical static houses.
  • Immersive containers: you can interact with a group of objects as they are real containers (for instance, if you'd like to open the books container, you must have a look to the books).
  • Turn on/off an Arabian-themed melody that perfectly fits a Redguard character (it will loop until you decide to stop it).
  • Smokable waterpipe.

  • Wear shield on back or scimitar on back

  • A set of unique strong scimitars, an unique strong shield, some Redguard enchanted clothes and some enchanted rings for your battles

    - WARNINGS -

  • As I already said, the house is completely exterior. That's a cool thing, indeed.
    However, I have to warn you that Skyrim rain and snow are not physical effects. You should know that: rain and snow fall anywhere, even if you take cover under a roof. Unfortunatelly, my house isn't invulnerable to precipitations. Just to let you know...
    EDIT: Rain and snow are no problem anymore. Download Real Shelter. The author told me that the windmill room I edited is already covered by his project, so, it should work!!! Here's a link to Real Shelter
    Real Shelter
  • Should you need informations about my mod, just go inside the house and have a look to the bookshelf: inside of it you will find some guides that will explain you anything you need.
  • The mod has been already cleaned with TES5Edit: it is 100% safe to use! ;)

!!! HAVE FUN !!!