You're Vampires Not Pigs - Cleaned Up Castle Volkihar by Kikilicious
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Update: Okay so apparently you can pick up the replaced mead barrels; if you drop them from your inventory after picking them up, they become suspended in the air. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this, but so far, no luck. I'll keep trying though.

NEW: Added clean boss room! Removed rubble, but kept skeletons because of the boss fight mechanics. Removed bloody mead barrels from main hall! Added more Blood Potions! Removed unnecessary corpses! Install Guild Hall or Boss Room separately, or download both files together! You choose!

Hi there! This is my first ever mod, so bear with me! This mod aims to clean up all the unnecessary blood, bones and rubble from Castle Volkihar. You'd think the lords and ladies of the Undead would clean up the place. I mean, yeah, you're vampires, but still! Blood everywhere? Keep that to the feeding areas, 'kay?

Cleaned Areas:
Dining Hall
Lab Area

The only areas that aren't cleaned up are the prison/food pens (because it makes sense they'd be that dirty, ya know) and the gateway to the Courtyard. I made this with SKSE installed, so I don't know if that's required or not, but most likely not. You do need Dawnguard, obviously.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, or at least find this useful! Thanks!

Sorry for the crappy image quality. I'm still trying to work out screenshot cameras and angles.