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This is an update/upgrade for Dynamic Things by dominoid. It, e.g., enables harvesting of mammoth tusks from the skulls you can find all around Skyrim.

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runew0lf ported both the original DT and my patch to the Special Edition!

Dynamic Things for the Special Edition
Dynamic Things Enhanced for the Special Edition

Praise runew0lf!!!


French translation by Agloo:
Spanish translation by ilwt:
Hungarian translation by ignussen:

Short introduction

This is a kind of patch for the great mod “Dynamic Things” of dominoid. It changes some aspects of the mod and allows the user to change a lot of things which were fixed in the original mod. It furthermore enables now the harvesting of mammoth tusks from the skulls you can find all around Skyrim.

1st Installation

First of all:
It is a “patch”. This means you need the original mod by dominoid! Go there, download it, and never forget to endorse!!

It is safest if you start a new game after installing Dynamic Things and this patch. I mean 1. install DT 2. install patch 3. start new game!
It should be possible to install the patch over a running version of Dynamic Things, but I'm not entirely sure. This here is a solo entertainer show... I cannot test everything...
I included a test for the correct version in all markers which are used to enable the dynamic things and disable the static ones. However, you might get some errors in the log about missing variables or other things, e.g.,
“Warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable”
“Error: Unable to call UnregisterForUpdate - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type”
Normally, this will not lead to a crash and should go away after the things respawn or the cell was detached and attached again. Therefore, I do not call it a patch, but only a “patch” (Germans might know what I mean by using the quotes, but I don't know if it is used somewhere else with this meaning).

If you don't want to start a new game but still want to use this “patch” without risking anything do this:
  • chop a tree and collect a bush to have the aliases in the same cell
  • disable Dynamic Things in the MCM (and empty the safe containers)
  • go to an indoor cell with nothing which can be converted by Dynamic Things (a safe one should be MalynVarenVoiceCell which is accessible using the coc command in the console)
  • wait for 30 days (or the cell respawn time you use)
  • now you would have to visit every cell in which something was converted by Dynamic Things so that every marker gets deleted...

Or you just install this “patch” and live with the errors and warnings in the log... Don't blame me! I warned you!

What worked for me:
  • chop a tree and collect a bush to have the aliases in the same cell (for example in Riverwood)
  • disable Dynamic Things in the MCM (and empty the safe containers)
  • go to an indoor cell (for example Riverwood trader)
  • go outside again
  • and maybe inside again to be on the safe side :)
  • install my patch, activate DT in the MCM, and get a few errors in the log when going outside again
  • after this there should be no errors left

The user Velgath reported that this was not working for him. He needed to type
"Set wizDynamicThingsEnabled to 0"
in the console instead of using the MCM to disable DT...

Notice, that all things converted by vanilla DT will be reset to vanilla Skyrim behavior as soon as you enter the corresponding cell. That's why:

You definitely need to empty all safe containers BEFORE you install this “patch”.

So, again: I cannot guarantee that everything works well if you install this “patch” over a running version of Dynamic Things.

Ah, one more thing... If you install this “patch”... Overwrite the wizDynamicThings.eps from Dynamic Things. Load order should not matter... It should be possible to put the wizDynamicThings.eps everywhere you want... It is shifted to the end of the load order when you install this “patch”...


Updating this mod should work without any problems unless otherwise stated. Thus, in, e.g., NMM you just click yes when asked if you want to update ;)

Known Issues:

  • Those mentioned in the description of Dynamic Things +
  • If you have “Realistic amount of wood per tree” enabled (see below) some large trees (some pines) will not give a large amount of wood since the actual volume of the tree is not large (not many branches). Just imagine that the bark beetle has destroyed part of the tree :)
  • Some things cannot be disabled by Dynamic Things since another script/quest/mod/whatever uses these things. For barrels/crates that means that you cannot destroy them. For woodpiles this means that they do not disappear after you have taken the wood. And so on... However, this should be not so many things. One example are the things added by the Alternative Start mod.
  • If you have RND installed and drink mead from a mead keg, you will get a notification that you got an empty bottle. This is a message from RND and I cannot disable it due to the way the mead kegs work - the script of the converted (dynamic) mead kegs gives you a bottle of mead and forces you to equip it (i.e., drink it), then RND will give you an empty bottle, which is deleted from the inventory by DT... A little bit complicated but in this way it is guaranteed that the kegs also work with mods which change the effects of mead. The same happens if you have iNeed installed and drink water from water kegs - you will get a notification by iNeed that you got an empty waterskin, but it is deleted by DT.
  • Sometimes it seems that you cannot chop a tree, that your hits are not registered. Try unequipping and reequipping the axe or putting it into a different hand - this might solve the problem.
  • If the degradation of the woodcutter's axes is enabled, the degradation level is saved in one global variable so that harvesting trees, bushes, and driftwood can degrade the axe. However, it is not saved for one specific axe. Thus, if you harvest 14 deadwood from bushes with one axe, then change to a different axe and harvest one deadwood, this new axe will be degraded. There is just no other (easy) way to do it. Either I would have to degrade the axe for each action (like harvesting one bush), but this will be too hardcore, or I would have to create a form list with the form id of each axe and its degradation level... This would possibly interfere with other mods like Frostfall (since the degradation is done by deleting the old axe and creating a new one) and would furthermore increase the save-game size... If you want to exploit the way the degradation works its your choice - I always have just one axe with me...

For a complete description of the many features have a look at the Dynamic Things page.

Complete list of changes

General changes:
  • Uninstalling the mod is now more complete. Each marker is automatically deleted upon cell attachment if wizDynamicThings.esp is not loaded. Dynamic Safe Containers are automatically emptied if you deactivate the mod.
  • The flickering when changing something into a “dynamic thing” should be gone. NO FLICKERING! Well, except the barrels/crates/mammoth skulls covered with snow or whatever else. The snow is an additional texture which is added to the static object. As now everything is dynamic this covering layer cannot be added in a simple way...
  • The degradation of the woodcutter's axe now works properly, i.e., only if Frostfall is started and the degradation is enabled there, it can be used in Dynamic Things. You can also disable it by toggling “Woodcutter's axes degrade with usage” in the “Advanced Options” tab in the MCM.
  • Compatibility to Vurts Expanded diversity should work again. It seems Vurt had changed the form id's of the added trees.
  • Sometimes you'll also find ruined books in crates even if the chance is small...
  • The transformation to something dynamic can now be toggled individually for all misc items.
  • Chopping a tree (or a stump) is like attacking a training dummy - you advance your one-handed skill and this advance scales with the “Training Speed” set in the MCM. In future versions, I will probably link this to the setting for enabling/disabling the dummies and maybe enable it also for digging rocks - if I don't forget it :)
  • Fixed compatibility with RND.
  • As of version 1.20: Compatibility with iNeed. You can now fill your empty water skin at water kegs.
  • As of version 1.40: You can set the number of hits needed until the woodcutter's axe is degraded.
  • As of version 1.50: Compatibility with Requiem. You can now fill empty wine bottles at water kegs (and of course also drink it). Requiems changes of the Haggling perk are taken into account. However, the keg script still takes not Fortify Barter effects into account since this would be too complicated. The script is already quite slow. Furthermore, refilling your bottles with, e.g., mead is now slightly cheaper than buying the mead since you take your own bottle (the gold value of the bottle is substracted).
  • As of version 1.55: Added option to completely disable the food distribution via Dynamic Things. Turn “No Food Containers” under “Advanced Options” on and every container (added by DT) which would normally contain food will be empty. Thus, if you set the total amount of food barrels/crates to 100%, you will get empty containers everywhere.
  • As of version 1.55: Added option to empty the list of containers which should be ignored (i.e., which should not be turned into safe containers). “Empty Ignore Container List” under “Misc/Util”.
  • As of version 1.6: Added compatibility for Mörskom Estate & Elysium Estate. Containers of these mods are considered to be safe (no questions if you want to convert to safe container). Barrels/crates added by these mods are NOT converted to dynamic containers. This should solve most problems reported by some users.
  • As of version 1.6: Added information on the MCM page “Misc/Util” about the detected mods.
  • As of version 1.6: Hotkey is now used to temporarily turn off the mod. This can reduce script lags for script intensive setups in certain situations such as battles for a city.
  • As of version 1.7: Added compatibility for Cheskos Campfire. You will now always get a mixture of normal firewood, deadwood, kindlings, branches, and few wood shavings. Stumps will give you no branches/kindlings and more deadwood than firewood. If you don't like this new type of mixed-wood result, don't install the new version - I think that it is closer to reality ;)

You can harvest mammoth tusks from mammoth skulls using your pickaxe!! Thanks to Brumbek for making the skulls without tusks. Go to SMIM and thank him in the Forum! And if you don't have his mod, then download it so that you can endorse him :) If you toggle “Play cutscene mammoth tusks” in the MCM page “Advanced Options” the screen will fade to black and some time will elapse (10 min per usable tusk). With cutscene you'll need 4 hits with the pickaxe, without you'll need 4 per usable tusk (but you'll get them all at once).

Combat dummies:
  • The trainings speed slider in the MCM now works properly for all values (also below 100% :) )
  • Illusion magic does not work on Training dummies, 'cause it makes no sense to frighten a wooden puppet. Togglable in the MCM, page “Advanced Options”, point “Only destruction on training dummies”.

  • New determination of the ownership of barrels/crates (and hay bales, woodpiles). Old: if the container was in a village or town the owner was set to Arngeir. New: the owner of the closest non-DT container is used as a reference and the owner of the DT container is set to this owner. Thus, if a DT-container is in a house it has a high chance that it gets owned by the owner of the house. If he is a friend of yours, you can take the stuff in the container. If not... Well, you have to steal it :)This is togglable in the MCM page “Advanced Options”, point “New version for ownership”
  • As of version 1.6: If the new ownership system is enabled, and the barrel/crate is in a settlement and not owned, the owner is set to the cell owner. I thought that this would be the Jarl, but unfortunately most cells are not owned. Well, maybe you have a mod which changes this ;)
  • Barrels/crates can be destroyed with a woodcutter axe if “Containers are destructible (but respawn)” is toggled on in the MCM. Note, that some barrels/crates cannot be destroyed (if other mods attached scripts to it) – you will see a message “This wood is unbelievably hard. I cannot break this container.”

Complete overhaul of the determination of what to put into the container

Old version for barrels:
1st it was checked if anything related to alcohol was nearby, if yes, the barrel was filled with alcohol
2nd if nothing was found in the 1st case, it was now checked for cooking related stuff
3rd if nothing was found in the 1st and 2nd case, it was now checked for alchemy stuff
4th if nothing was found in the first 3 cases, the barrel was filled with food

Old version for crates:
Similar to the determination for the barrels:
1st alcohol
2nd alchemy
3rd minerals
4th randomize

You get why there were so many mead barrels/crates?

New version for barrels:
A certain percentage of all barrels now contain food. This value can be set in the new MCM page “Advanced Options” - point “Chance of food barrels/crates”.
The other barrels are filled with respect to what other stuff is closest, i.e., if a alchemy table is nearby, you will find ingredients, if a cooking pot is nearby, food, if a forge is nearby, ore or ingots, if alcohol is nearby, mead. If nothing was found nearby the barrel will contain food. Furthermore, you can set in the MCM a percentage of the barrels which is randomized, i.e., has randomly one of the aforementioned stuff in it (point “Randomization for barrels/crates”).

New version for crates:
1st it is checked whether the crate is one of the East Empire Company (a lot of crates in harbors are). A certain percentage of those is filled with valuable stuff(*). The percentage can be set in the MCM, point “Valuable stuff in EECo crates”.
After this, a certain percentage of the remaining crates is filled with valuable stuff(*). MCM, point “Valuable stuff in normal crates”.
Then, a certain percentage is filled with food, MCM point “Chance of food barrels/crates”.
After this, again the distance to the closest reference decides with a certain percentage of randomization.
If nothing is found, or the randomization yielded this result, the crate gets filled with either misc items or clothing. In 10% of these crates some ruined books will be added. Thus, in the shipwreck start of the Alternative Start mod it is now in about 50% of the cases easier to survive even with Frostfall enabled in the Hardcore setting (using the standard settings of this mod). Decrease the “Run quest every” in the MCM to 1 second before starting to enable a faster conversion of the containers. Unfortunately, you cannot destroy the crates since I cannot disable them (they have maybe a script of the Alternative Start mod attached). Furthermore, the ship has one mead keg in the center which is why you will still get a lot of mead... If you want you can also set the randomization chance higher in the beginning in order to get enough ruined books for a camp fire...

Too complicated for you? Ok. In simple terms:

You want completely random results with a certain percentage of valuable stuff(*) in crates?
Set in the MCM:
“Chance of food barrels/crates” to 0%
“Valuable stuff in EECo crates” to 0%
“Valuable stuff in normal crates” to your liking
“Randomization for barrels/crates” to 100%

You want always food?
Set in the MCM:
“Chance of food barrels/crates” to 100%
“Valuable stuff in EECo crates” to 0%
“Valuable stuff in normal crates” to 0%
“Randomization for barrels/crates” to whatever you want – it does not change anything

You always want valuable stuff(*) in the crates and always random things in the barrels?
(you greedy bastard)
Set in the MCM:
“Chance of food barrels/crates” to 0%
“Valuable stuff in EECo crates” to whatever you want – it does not change anything
“Valuable stuff in normal crates” to 100%
“Randomization for barrels/crates” to 100%

Everything clear :)

Valuable item means one of the following leveled lists
- LItemEnchArmorAllSpecial
- LItemEnchCircletAll
- LItemEnchRingAll
- LItemEnchWeaponAny
- LootBanditChestBossBase
- LootStaffsAll

Landscape changes:
  • You can toggle whether you want to permanently delete trees/bushes when harvested, MCM “Advanced Options”, point “Permanently remove bushes” and “Permanently remove trees”. Trees and bushes that you harvested in the current cell and which you will harvest in the future will be permanently deleted upon cell detachment (for example if you change to an interior cell). They are deleted! They are gone! Even if you uninstall Dynamic Things. Use carefully!
  • The wood you harvest from a tree and the time it takes can be made more variable. Toggling “Realistic amount of wood per tree” the wood you get is calculated from the volume of the tree. Toggling “Realistic chopping time” the time it take to chop a tree is longer for larger trees (volume) and shorter for smaller ones. To get a semi-realistic behavior enable both settings and set “Felling Tree Elapses” to 180 minutes.
  • NEW: Bushes/Trees without collision now regrow dynamically! They grow by about 1 unit (Average height of a human is about 64) per time unit. You can set the time unit in the MCM, “Advanced Options”, point “Regrow speed of bushes”. You don't like this? Set the value to 24h and you will notice nearly no difference. You want to see the bushes grow? Set the value to 0.5h and increase the timescale a little bit in the console and you can watch them grow :)
  • As of version 1.40: You can toggle the usage of you battle-/war axe to chop trees. Battleaxes can chop trees faster but are very slow with cutting it into pieces. However, if you have a woodcutter's axe or a hatchet in your inventory, this is used. War axe are slower in chopping but similar in cutting. Hatchets are sligthly better than war axes for chopping and the same as woodcutter's axes for cutting. All weapons with "Hatchet" in their name belong to this category. However, I don't know if it needs to be a capital H - feedback would be very much appreciated.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the possibility to mod their games.
Dominoid for his great mod which inspired me and brought me to modding.
Brumbek for making the mammoth skulls without tusks – really, thanks! Go there and also thank him!

And, of course, my girlfriend, my mother, my sister, and, and, and :)