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This mod adds the possibility to enhance your skills further just by playing the game normally, sort of how vanilla works
Skills that are enhanced: alchemy, individual weapons (bow, dagger, sword, war axe, mace, great sword, battle axe), stamina, magicka, health, and carry weight
When using doom stones that apply to that skill, there will be an increase in xp gained per action, each one has at least 1 stone that applies more to that type (warrior allows weapons go level quicker) and the lover stone allows all to receive a smaller bonus per action

Alchemy is enhanced further by ingesting potions that contain the orb of alchemy ingredent
Weapons are enhanced when you use them
Stamina is enhanced while using weapons
Health is enhanced when you are hit
Magicka is enhanced when casting spells
Carry weight is enhanced when using weapons and getting hit (as using such heavy equipment should make you stronger the more you use it)

It adds:
A ring that has the enchantment that records usage and enhances when needed
Several powers, 1 for each enhancement and the use is to show growth
An ingredient to add the effect to potions to collect xp when used

Each Level:
Health: +10 per level
Magicka: +10 per level
Stamina: +10 per level
Carry weight: +10 per level
Destruction magic: + 1% power per level
Weapons: +1% power per level
Alchemy: +1% power per level (might not be exact)
It changes:
Nothing that i am aware of, as i did not change main scripts, all i did was add my own

Where things are found:
Everything is found in Whiterun in Arcadia's Cauldron.

Note: If you check numbers and nothing is happening and you do have the ring on, try removing it and putting it back on.

Requires: SKSE 1.6.16