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Gives the player the ability to play as a Vampire and not an infected person. Extra liberties are afforded to the player to make things more immerse.

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GuruSR's Friendly Vampires
Version: 1.41
   Date: Jan 8, 2020
 Author: GuruSR
Gives the player the ability to play as a Vampire and not an infected person.  Extra liberties are afforded to the player to make things more immerse.
You got infected, slept, woke up and found you're a vampire.  Congratulations, nobody cares!  Literally, not even the existing vampires in the game!
Well, this is where the fun begins.  This mod now adds the player to the same faction as the rest of the vampires in the game (with or without any vampire altering mods, including Dawnguard).  You're now one of the Undead and can walk around with them, but is that all?  No, it's not all, you can ask other vampires to go hunting with you!  While they're hunting, you can give them better equipment and they may/may not use it (some vampires can be so picky).
But what DO you do with your new found vampire group?  Sack a city of course!  Wander into a town and the guards will see all of your group (player included) as a group of vampires attacking the town (brings a whole new meaning to "When Vampires Attack").
Version 1.1:  You'll hear a (Vampire) "Hiss" or a (Player safe) "Ting" sound, those tell you that you're a "Vampire" (not Player safe) or a "Player" safe vampire.  This was done to allow quests to continue normally and to not cause any issues (please see the version history for details).  This new addition only works *if* you're not near undead/vampires and you're defintely not in a vampire group.
Version 1.2:  The Vampire/Player Hiss/Ting now monitors "creature state" for those using mods that offer wolf transformations.  Vampires going to Dawnguard to start "Awakened" need to have no follower vampires with them, so they'll temporarily become hostile to regular vampires (only *if* "Awakened" hasn't been started), so Dawnguard won't be hostile to the player.  Upon leaving the Dawnguard area, back to normal Skyrim, the player will be re-made friendly to other vampires.  A new dialogue "You're a vampire, act like one!" is added, so vampires in towns can be made to join the Vampire faction as well, so you can include them in your town raids, add a home changing mod and you can move your vampire followers to the Dawnguard castle (but use the new dialogue on all of them inside before making your follower leave you, otherwise they'll attack them when you do).  Side effect of the new dialogue and Dawnguard, is they'll constantly be attacking the Moth Priest (which is funny, but may make questing with him a bit harder).  For nastier immersion, vampires you use the "You're a vampire, act like one!" on, if you set GSR_FriendlyVampiresComplete to 1, they'll be only in the Vampire faction (and will behave 100% like a wild vampire).
Version 1.3:  This was a bug fix release, not major ones (most will never notice), if you filled the group, you couldn't add any more if any left.  Vampires leaving were not removed from being a Player Teammate.
Version 1.31:  This is a "tweak" and bug fix release, again, nothing major.  Fixes the testing for player homes and *should* allow vampires (outside of groups) access to items in their player homes.  When adding or removing vampires from a group, the notification should happen quicker now.
Version 1.32:  Super small "tweak" which makes your Vampire group not expire until the combat ends (if you're the last one in the group, you're still part of it until the fighting ends).
Version 1.33:  Added support for "Abandoned House" quest in Markarth and added new global to temporarily disable Friendly Vampire's influence:  set GSR_FriendlyVampiresNormal to 1 (to be hated by vampires like normal)
Version 1.34:  Added Wait/Continue support (note, some vampire followers can vanish in unloaded cells while waiting).  Your Vampire group is determined by those following, not waiting.
Version 1.35:  Slight fix to version 1.34 to properly include Waiting vampires.
Version 1.36:  Missing 1.35 fixes, Silent setting and added dialogue changes.
Version 1.37:  Fixed Wait delay from 17,000+ years to 3 days, also improved on Thrall recognition in dialogue so you can make them and others made by other mods to follow you, etc.  Your current "horse" will switch in and out of the faction when you do, so you can ride your horse around vampires.
Version 1.38:  Overhaul of Vampire control, faster, smaller code, more communication with dialogue means faster vampire joining and less CPU usage, added "Keep this area ours" to offer "Guarding".  Fixed offset mistake in Wait timers, some vampires may leave after this version goes in if they're waiting.
Version 1.39:  More checks on the dialogue to remove duplicates in certain situations, fix for "wait" not waiting, vampire player now is "dangerous" and people will flee/not like/talk to you/cower while part of a vampiric group.
Version 1.40:  Rebuilt the "Teeth" detection (for "HISS" & "Ting"), should be lag capable, introduced a usable outfit system, giving you the ability to outfit your vampires how you want, though they still have the right to not wear items (sadly cell resets will result in loss of outfits).  Reorganized the slot system to provide a better outcome of follower status and reporting so the "You lost a vampire" won't repeat on the same one.  Added "Cattle" mode (Angry setting) in that makes non-vampires a hated faction, so expect in-town game vampires to actively attack humans in towns.  Added a power to offer a quick way to toggle Global variable settings for ease of use, though you still need to know what you're toggling.  Included a means to make vampires actually "level" stronger, meaning your vampires with you will be roughly level comparable to you.  Guards are actively enemies of the VampireFaction and *will* attack the player in or out of a Vampiric Group, so be careful entering areas where guards could be, this is a partial Angry which should have worked to begin with from 1.0.
Version 1.41:  Corrected the missing Player reference on one quest, which is present on 1.40 and later but the game refused to load it over a None reference, now a fix is in place to repair that if missing.  Altered savegame & kill to savegame and shutdown, all dialogue will also stop working until you reload.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresComplete:  Setting this to 1 causes a vampire being told "to act like one", removes them from their regular factions.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresNormal:  Setting this to 1 makes you a "normal" vampire (meaning other vampires hate you) until you set it to 0.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresQuit:  Setting this to 1 tells the game you want to uninstall it.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresWeapon:  Setting this to 1 is a workaround for weapon weirdness when giving vampires weapons.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresSilent:  Setting this to 1 will disable the mod's sounds and produce messages instead.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresGoAway:  [1.40] Makes vampire followers go away after wait timeout, instead of returning to you, like the old way.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresModScan:  [1.40] Makes the internal version go to 0 and cause a full rescan of mods.
GSR_FriendlyVampireAttackRevolve:  [1.40] Tells the game that the player is in combat/ready to attack.  (Useful for other mods to watch.)
GSR_FriendlyVampiresOutfitting:  [1.40] Tells the mod that the player is opting INTO using the outfitting code.
GSR_FriendlyVampiresAngry:  [1.40] Tells the mod the player is opting into being a "Vampire Vampire" to cattle.
The final updated version of Skyrim 1.9.32, anything less and it may not work at all.  This mod has optional SKSE usage, but it isn't required.  SKSE is used to clear factions, sadly, actors may misbehave if told to do something against their relations.
Drag the files from the archive as normal (or use your favorite mod manager) OR go onto Steam and subscribe to it there.
Activate the mod.
Follow the installation method, all versions don't require a new game.
Simply make sure you've got no vampire group going and go somewhere away from vampires, then type the following into the console:
set GSR_FriendlyVampiresQuit to 1
Save your game after it says it's quit, exit the game and uncheck/remove the mod.
Game Impact
Minor, I couldn't see any impact on game performance, as I was making sure to slow the unimportant items down, plus the looping of the quest is not automatic, it's done manually each time it's called.
This mod does not have any issues with any other mod, as it does not interfere/alter anything present.  This mod *IS* compatible with ANY vampire mod (Dawnguard included).
Q.  Can't ask a vampire to follow me.
A.  Esc, Save, New Save Game, then Load that new Save Game back in.  Fixed.
Q.  Vampire won't wear my outfit, and I can't take theirs.
A.  Default outfits, didn't touch them, they'll wear what you give them, if it's better than what they have at the moment.
Q.  No matter what weapon I give, they won't equip a thing!
A.  Sounds like another mod is blocking this, simply go to the console and type:  set GSR_FriendlyVampiresWeapon to 1  <enter to set it>
Q.  The vampires I had, some of them just vanished!  WTH?
A.  Some vampires in the wild, by some mods, are on timers and will vanish on you, don't worry, they'll be auto-removed from your group.
Q.  I'm seeing errors on the mod in the log about actors being dead and can't start combat, WTH?
A.  I'm testing for actors being dead, but sadly, they can die RIGHT after I do that and before the combat start happens...  Safe to ignore.
Q.  Does this work with Vampire mod XYZ.
A.  Yes, this mod doesn't interfere with any mods that alter the original vampire design, this mod talks to NPC vampires in the game and doesn't care about other mods.
Q.  I told Alva to act like a vampire, had her join me, went outside and, well, we got attacked by the guards.
A.  Using "You're a vampire, act like one!" makes the NPC just like the vampires in the wild, you have the NPC join you, you're a group of vampires.
Q.  I have "follower mod" and I used "You're a vampire, act like one!" and I have 2 types of follower options, they're all messed up!
A.  If you're going to use the "follower mod", use it, or my vampire following options, not both!
Q.  I told the Vampire follower to "Stay here for a bit." and left the house it was in, a few moments later I was told I lost a vampire, huh?
A.  The wait function in the follow goes into "low priority".  Some vampires out there, will vanish if left that way too long, unavoidable, tell them to wait off in the distance, go do your talking out of the group, run back and get them to "Come on, lets go!"
Q.  I found a DeathHound and I could talk to it like a vampire follower.
A.  Yeah, I'm not fixing that, it's a Dawnguard issue, just be happy you can talk to it, they're not all like that.
Q.  I upgraded to 1.37 and I got a spam of a bunch of vampires leaving.
A.  The original wait code was telling them to wait over 17,000 years...  A math mistake is auto-corrected in 1.37 so you should see them leave if they're past the normal 3 day wait.
Q.  I upgraded to 1.39 and the new "dangerous" vampire player doesn't work!
A.  The change won't happen until you tell all your group to "wait", leaving your group and re-joining by making them all come with you again.
Q.  I upgraded to 1.40 and now all my old saves cause a "Save, Death, Reload".
A.  This is a *GOOD* thing, it clears out any scripts that were running amis.  The new code is designed to do this and correct issues.
Q.  Since 1.40, guards hate me even when I'm not *in* a Vampiric Group, what gives?
A.  You're a vampire, guards hate vampires, simply use other vampire means to either subdue or sneak past them, vampires love shadows.
Version History
1.0  May 16, 2014  : Initial Release
1.1  May 29, 2014  : Offers "Auto-Player" when within 200 feet of Essential/Protected NPCs or in Player Faction owned locations.
1.2  July 5, 2014  : Offers "Real Vampire" dialogue, Dawnguard quest start "safe mode", "ghost safe" and minor bug fixes.
1.3  July 13, 2014 : Fixed vampire release and max vampire group unlock.
1.31 July 20, 2014 : Fixed "player home" recognition, sped up start/leave vampire group recognition.
1.32 July 24, 2014 : Keep player in vampire group until fighting ends if they're the last vamp standing.
1.33 July 27, 2014 : Support for "Abandoned House" quest in Markarth and new temporarily disable global.
1.34 Aug 17, 2014  : Added Wait/Follow (some vampires will vanish when in "low priority wait", unavoidable game design).
1.35 Aug 17, 2014  : Fixes to 1.34 for proper waiting status.
1.36 Jan 15, 2015  : Fixes 1.35 should have included but didn't (thanks Windows Update), dialogue changes and the Silent option added.
1.37 Mar 7, 2015   : Fix Wait time from 17,000+ years, improve thrall implimentation
1.38 Sep 14, 2015  : Reduced code, improved performance, added Guard functionality for Vampires.  Fixed offset mistake in Wait timers.
1.39 Feb 16, 2016  : Fix to dialogue, fix to "wait" function and addition of "dangerous player" in vampiric group.
1.40 Feb 20, 2019  : Better "Ting/Hiss", Outfit System, Quick Menu, Smarter Follower Updates, more immersion, more script lag survival.
1.41 Jan 8, 2020   : Fixes to PlayerRef (Game Load) and savegame+death on version update.