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See sticky post.
This mod is based off of the idea I read here. It is recommended that you have USP because the bug fixes it adds are fantastic and are worth your time, but the way they edited the guardian stones angered me slightly, they removed marksman from the Thief Stone, meaning rogues, assassins and thieves no longer had a weapon that leveled up as fast as their other skills. But I didn't want to just put it back, I changed around a few skills as well to keep them even. If you do use USP load this file after it.

I moved around enchanting, alchemy and archery around, enchanting is on warriors, as they'll use enchanting the most, alchemy is on mages, because in almost everything I've read or played, the mage is generally the alchemist, making potions and whatnot and archery is back on thieves, because thieves either use bows or daggers, but one handed fits on warrior so much better.

SkyRe users: load this file after SkyRE as well, otherwise the edit in this will just be reverted.