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A simple yet detailed player home, on the road from Riverwood to Whiterun!

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In the process of working on my quest mod, I've taken the weekend to make a simple, cozy player home on the road from Riverwood to Whiterun!

It's a chapel that had been converted into a traveler's home, all ready for the Dragonborn to move into. It's relatively smaller than Breezehome but holds much to offer! It shouldn't conflict with any mods, but it might with any that take up residence just north of Riverwood on the river. The story of the chapel and how it came to rest is yours!

It comes with:
- A fantastic view of Whiterun on the horizon, with a scenic dock on the Whiteriver and a stones-throw away from Riverwood for company.
- DLC benefits, such as an Apiary, Smithing Anvil and a Shrine to Auri'El.  (It does require all 3 DLC's!)
- Hosts most crafting stations, a garden and chicken coop.
- Many storage containers, five weapon racks, 2 full plaques, and 1 manikin.

Unfortunately this place does not support Hearthfire children. It was made with a starter-home in mind for only yourself, and perhaps a spouse.

I hope you enjoy this, and keep an eye out for the quest mod to follow!