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Bring Astrid on your travels. Fully voiced and containing normal Astrid, burned Astrid, and ghost Astrid!

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*Dark Brotherhood Quest Spoiler Alert*

Are you like me? Did you hesitate when having to kill Astrid as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline even though she betrayed you? Did you realize you were going to miss her? Or maybe you killed her and want her back to torture her some more? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this mod is for you.

Sithis has heard our pleas and allowed us to enter the Void and get Astrid back. She is now a full fledged follower who still uses her unique voice!

I searched around for a while and was surprised to find there was no mod that had already done this. If there is then I apologize. The only one I found was a mod that adds an Astrid npc after the questline is completed but she doesn't even have Astrid's voice, she has Lydia's. So I decided to make this mod. I've spent hours and hours sifting through Astrid's voice files to find ones that worked, which means there will be future updates that expand her vocabulary because there are just so many voice files I can use!

To find Astrid you must first loot her body after killing her in the DB questline. Then follow the clues and enjoy the short quest.

Alternatively you can cheat and just use the console command "coc Void1". Be prepared to fight.

Whichever method you choose, make absolutely sure you read the note called "Acceptance". This activates Astrid's dialogue.

None! You don't even need to start or finish the Dark Brotherhood questline, just use the console commands if you want.

Completely overhauled the dialogue.
Added a custom framework so she no longer uses the vanilla framework.
This means Astrid should work perfectly with all other mods now! [Aside from replacers, but I'm working on that]
This also should fix the dialogue bug once and for all
Added burned Astrid
Added ghost Astrid
Both new versions have spell tomes too
Removed the trapdoor in Shadowmere's pond and instead added a small unmarked quest.
Changed out Astrid's dagger for a leveled one
Added new dialogue lines. There's about 50 in this version.
Hopefully fixed the gray face bug for good

Added Summon Spell
Fixed Grayface bug
Fixed Dialogue bug
Removed hood
Swapped out Blade of Woe for Steel dagger
Cleaned the file with TES5Edit

When you read the note titled "Acceptance" all three Astrids will then show up and already be your followers. This was happening before the note was added and the actual reason why Astrid's dialogue is even activated by the note. It was the best workaround I could figure out.

Dismiss all three of them and recruit them again or else you won't be able to access their inventories.

There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods. If you find any let me know.

Still doesn't work with replacers. I'll work on making patches for each replacer soon.

All I really plan to do now is maybe add some more dialogue and make her able to be married. And of course make patches for replacers.

Want the other members who died? Try Save the Dark Brotherhood
Want more to do after the DB questline ends? Check out The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection
Want a better sanctuary after the questline ends? Dark Brotherhood Reborn
Want the DB armor in the screenshots? Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrement 
Here's another Darker armor I love. Lustmord Vampire Armor
Here's a cool DB flavored house mod. Sicarius' Refuge

Since Oblivion, the Dark Brotherhood questlines have always been my favorite.


Q. Why can't I marry her? Make her marriable!
A. Stop asking this. Astrid's husband was murdered in the very same event that killed her! You really think she'd so willingly marry you just cause you resurrected her? At least give her some time to grieve, you monster. [I may eventually add the option to marry her but there's way more important things to do with this mod first]

Q. Can you make an SE version of this.
A. I will eventually, but I've actually been told that this version works perfectly fine in SE. So if you can't wait just try to use this version.

Q. Does this mod work with Astrid replacers?
A. No it doesn't. My Astrid is a separate npc than the Astrid replacers modify. I did this to avoid messing with the DB questline. However, if you use Noobshire's mod he made a standalone version of my mod that uses his replacer. Here: Astrid Reborn - Born Again It's v1.0 currently. I honestly can't wrap my head around how people make replacers otherwise I'd make patches for them.

Q. Can you bring back ____ too?
A. Okay look... I'd be happy to revive other characters who die eventually but really my main priority is Astrid. Let me get her to where I want and then I'll try bringing back other dudes.

Need a faster way to contact me? Consider joining my Discord server. Mooncubus

Also available on Steam Workshop Here