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  • Books Books Books 1.4

    A very big thank you to Wubbledee for taking the time to go through all of the books, scrolls, and written material that I've added in this mod. With this new version, all the ASCII or character problems that probably destroyed your immersion because I missed them are now gone....

  • Kind of Blue

    My first actual mod, Kind of Blue, is now ready for download and installation! It is still in alpha and is just locations. Please take the time to look at it and share your thoughts.


    Locations trailer:


  • 100 Endorsements!

    Thanks to everyone who has endorsed and helped with this mod's success! I appreciate everyone's kind words about my mod as it makes the time I took to put it together worth it.

    I'll be releasing an alpha of my first quest mod, Kind of Blue, shortly. All I have to do is NavMesh some interior cells and it will be good to upload. If anyone is interested in learning more about it, you can check the thread I made in the forums: