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Last updated at 0:52, 19 May 2014 Uploaded at 21:28, 12 May 2014

I really love the Dawnguard armor, but I found it a little disappointing that I could not enchant the helmets and that the only light shield was the unique Rune Shield artifact. That seems especially disappointing considering that there are two heavy cuirasses and three light cuirasses!

What I have done is add three new armor pieces, all with their own tempering recipes:
--Dawnguard Light Helmet: Light Helmet model, enchantable
--Dawnguard Heavy Helmet: Full Helmet model, enchantable
--Dawnguard Shield [light]: Rune Shield model, non-enchantable (carries the regular enchantment of the standard heavy Shield), lower value and armor rating to reflect its status as a regular light shield

For the helmets, I only removed the description and allowed them to be enchanted. They still carry the special Dawnguard perk, so they *should* still provide the buff if wearing a full set; it's just not listed anymore (that's what it looks like to me; I'm not an experienced modder, so I could be wrong).

All of these armor pieces are available from Gunmar, and they will respawn every two days along with the rest of his stock. He also sells a Dawnguard Axe and a Dawnguard Hammer, because I thought it was strange that he sold so many weapons and Dawnguard armor, but no Dawnguard weapons.

Update 1.1:
--Dawnguard Hood: Thieves Guild hood model, enchantable and non-enchantable versions, carries the special Dawnguard perk, slightly lower value and armor rating than the light helmet

Future Plans:
This mod is a WIP, and likely not its final form. I would very much like to get feedback on what other people want to see. I might add unenchanted light and heavy shields, or maybe even an option for crafting recipes. I'm also trying to decide whether the light shield should keep the Rune Shield model/texture, or if it should look identical to the heavy shield. Please, let me know!

--This mod adds the items directly to Gunmar's merchant chest. Any other mod that modifies this chest will conflict and overwrite the changes.
--Craftable Dawnguard Armory by ThunderTNT has been tested and is fully compatible, because it only adds crafting recipes. However, this mod also adds its own "unblessed" items, so it makes my buyable items a bit redundant.
--This mod does not alter the original items in any way, so if you're using an overhaul or replacer of some kind for those items, there should not be any conflicts.
--The new items in this mod reference the original models and textures, so if you're using a special texture pack or model replacer, those should work with these new items without problem.
--This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit to ensure minimal conflicts.

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