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Added: 12/05/2014 - 02:24PM
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Last updated at 18:48, 12 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 14:24, 12 May 2014

This mod retextures the aurora effect seen in the night skies of Skyrim.
I was never satisfied with the vanilla aurora effects, in fact it always made me press the TIME button and by pass it to the next day. So I decided to try and improve on it and this mod is the results I have come up with.
Whether it looks realistic or not, I just don't know because I have never had the pleasure to actually see it in real life.

Vanilla sizes for this effect are x1024

available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 sized textures.

If you wish to see the aurora, without waiting, make sure the game time is after 7.30pm and you must be in an exterior cell with a visible sight of the sky (it doesn't matter what the weather conditions are because the code will cause it to be a clear night) and then open the console, "`" button and type one of the codes below.

To slowly fade in like in the game:
SW 10e1f2 (to see red yellow aurora)
SW 10e1f0 (to see blue green aurora)
SW 10e1ee (to see purple violet aurora)

To appear at once with no fade in:
FW 10e1f2 (to see red yellow aurora)
FW 10e1f0 (to see blue green aurora)
FW 10e1ee (to see purple violet aurora)

Once you have entered a code, press ENTER and then close the console and if done correctly, the aurora will appear.


version 1.0: initial release.

version 2.0: All new textures except a couple which were edited to be more vibrant in colour, now look far better than v1.0. Edited meshes UVs for different illumination to different parts of aurora. Added a new gradient to mist out certain parts and reduce that rigid look to the aurora.

version 3.0: Altered colours in meshes to produce extra colours in each of the aurora effects. Now they look more colourful.

Many thanks to hodilton for this brilliant video.

Many thanks misalen for this fantastic review

AURORA version 1.0

This will not be compatible with other mods that change these textures and meshes.

Compatible with all weather mods.

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