About this mod

This is a lore friendly mod that alters the appearance of Darkwater Crossing.

Permissions and credits
[h1]This mod is NO LONGER a work in progress FINAL EDITION JUST RELEASED!!! [/h1]

In the game this place is incredibly small and underrated, is decided to change this. I have added walls, guard towers, merchants, extra guards and locals a few
buildings have also been added including a grain mill as the farm seemed empty without one. This mod is still a work in progress so there will be updates. I could do with some help so if you would like to please private message me and we can sort stuff out. If you like this mod click that endorse button!!

Download from steam workshop- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259136854&searchtext=

feel free to notify me of any problems.

[h1] =changelog= [/h1]

0.0.1- Very basic with bugs

0.1.0- Bug fixes, dock built, playerhome and catacombs built, secret room in catacombs built,temple built (TEMPORARY interior), blacksmiths and market built. The mine was expanded with an extra chamber. 2 Merchants added (please let me aware of any problems), flags and banners as requested, semi-working log mill. and more!!!

Final Edition- A complete overhaul, finalizing every aspect. Bigger walls right round, new bridge/enterance, guards, homes,keep etc.