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*10th, June 2014.
I'm back! Version a2.1 is live! This version simply adds more furnishings to the alchemy area. It's still
not perfect, but I'm done for now, and felt like publishing the progress as a way to show that I am
still working on this mod, and can't wait to get it finished.

My main reason for making this mod is to create a small homestead for the Dragonborn. I have always felt like the in-game homes aren't fit for the mighty Dovahkiin, and the Hearthfire homes are too time consuming to build, and frankly aren't very appealing to me. I have searched for hours for a house mod that suits my needs, and has an appealing look and layout so I decided to make my own. I wanted something with a lot of the features from the Hearthfire DLC, but I find that there are too many tough choices and quickloading for not enough of a reward in the expansion.

*Hearthfire DLC

Recommended Mods:
* Static Mesh Improvement Mod
* Skyrim HD 2K Textures
* Enhanced Lighting and FX
* More plants and recipes for Hearthfire including Dawnguard and Dragonborn plants

Completed Features:

Work in Progress Features:
*Conservatory with over 40 planters
*Dedicated alchemy area
*Dedicated enchanting area

Planned Features:
*Mid sized home
*Full smithy
*Apiary and fish hatchery
*Courtyard with training dummies

*This is my first mod, and I hope to get better at it so I would really appreciate any and all
feedback and constructive criticism you have.

*I have absolutely no idea if this mod will cause performance issues for people. I get some
stuttering while in the garden, but I am using very intensive mods so I don't know how it will affect
other peoples' performance.

*This is a personal-use mod so I will change and add features as I see fit, however like I said I'm
looking for feedback so please don't hesitate.

*Cell names are as follow. (Conservatory)"aaaplayerhomeconservatory", (Alchemy and

*If you don't like this mod please don't just tag as NSFW.

*If there's something you don't like about the mod please state it in the comments and be
descriptive. If you just tag as "not lore-friendly", or "unrealistic" that doesn't help me improve the
mod much. Lore-friendliness and realism are two things I would like to maintain in this mod, but
saying only that my mod is neither of those things doesn't tell me what the offending aspect is.