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Trado - Fluffy - Jelly - Mickyan - Wolf of the Azar - ArcicCarnage - KrittaKitty

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About this mod

Changes the looks of all playable races in the game into anthromorphs (i.e. furries).

Permissions and credits
This is a fairly simple in nature combination mod that changes some assets of the game. It will require some other mod files to work.
Originally I made this for myself a while ago because I want to. I almost forgot about it but I eventually shared it here since there is an audience for this type of thing. Based on the feedback I've made a second version for everyone to enjoy.

So what does it do?

All the playable races in the game have been changed to look like anthropomorphic animals, also known as furries.

Race:                  Visual change:
Khajiits      Unchanged
Argonians     Unchanged
Redguards     Khajiit
Orcs          Khajiit
Dark elves    Khajiit
Wood elves    Rabbit
High elves    Fox
Breton        White Wolf
Imperial      Dark Wolf
Nord          Grey Wolf

Other unplayable races like the elder race and other children now look like Khajiits. Dark elves and Orcs stay as Khajjits for now. Partly because I'm terrible at modding, partly because I'm leaving it open for potential future additions.

Now mod this is purely a visual change. Gameplay related things are the same. Orcs are still referred to as Orcs - they are not Khajiits with night vision and unarmed damage. All racial powers and voices are unchanged. When a Wolf Nord says "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" to another Wolf looking Imperial he or she still means that as a race-thing, even if their differences and similarities are changed with this mod.

Things that aren't changed: Hair/beards/Tinting/Ingame text and descriptions/specific NPC's/Racial abilites and the such - mainly
to increase compability with other mods.

How does this fit with the lore?

Everything was like it had been for thousands of years in Tamriel. However - the dragon tounge which orginially was a gift from one dragon to the mortals, had become widespread beyond the dragon cult and overused. This was much to the displeasure of all the dragons who never intended mortals to acquire such a power.

The peace was soon broken and the dragons were driven to extinction by the mortals, but not before being transformed into beasts as a punishment for defying their gods and stealing the power of the dragons. The few remaining dragon worshipers were spared from the curse, and would become Draugurs who rested eternally across Skyrim's burial tombs. Some of those, including the Dragon priests, would guard sacred places of worship - only to be disturbed by the dragonborn hundreds of years later...


Version 0.2:

  • This mod is no longer dependent on specific race mods to work, you will only need two esp's from now on.

  • All children are now "completely" Khajjits rather that having some Vaalsark assets. This should fix any missing textures on them, no more creepy missing eyes or feet.

  • Tails are now relative to their race, not gender. For example female Vaalsarks (Imperials) have the same pointy tail as their male counterparts.

  • Added 4 new beast races. Fox, Bunny and two Wolf races.

Problems in the latest version

Compared to the old versions problems, the ones in this one are way less noticeable/immersion breaking.

  • Dark elves and Nords in first person won't sometimes correspond to your actual skintone. Nords in first person arms/hands will always lean towards white. Problem is with the models used. No idea how to fix.
  • Orc NPC's will have differentiating skintones. Head looks the same as any other khajiit but the body is the green-leaning one. This problem does not affect the player model. I don't know what causes this.
  • Headseams (transition from neck to torso) might be obvious (depending on NPC and lighting), especially with Bretons (Vukasins). Problem stems from models used.
  • Nord (lykaios) eyes might have small holes just their eyebrows, only noticable when outside. Also a problems with models, however I've only encountered one NPC that has this problem.
  • Due to all races being different in regards of what assets exist and what doesn't, the extensive changes to means some things won't be "translatable". For example Orcs have alot of different types of blind eyes, but Kjhajiits do not have as many. So if an Orc tells you about his or her blind eye it might not look like they have one.
  • Certain unique plot NPC's might have display errors. I'm sure Meridia from the dawnbreaker quest still doesn't show her head when you meet her.
  • I can't change the load screen images as they are static and separate from the playable race models. So loading screens will still show "normal" humans/elves and so on.

This mod is far from perfect, I hope you understand.

Regarding compability with other mods

Just as a heads up, with every mod comes a risk. The more mods the higher risk of problems. I tested and played this mod with a fresh install/save.
I suppose this mod is best played like that. I really wish it would always work, but it's Skyrim.

Can I play as the actual custom races (such as Vukasin, not Breton) if I download and enable them?
A:This mod due to the many varying races, does not include a racecompability.esm file, so play any of the actual custom races at your own risk. I have no idea if it will work or not.

Q:Can I use other custom races to play as with this mod?
A:Compability with other race mods is limited. Most racial mods use existing vanilla assets, and since I change these associations any race mods on top of this one will look freaky. Due to the nature of how this mod works I don't think this can ever be fixed.

Q:Will other mods that don't tamper with or use race meshes/textures work?
A:I have played a considerable number of hours of the old version of this mod alongside others. Since all Furry Skyrim does is change the visual
properties, it should work with just about any mod except other race mods. For example, both the "Interesting NPC's" and "Inconsequential NPC's" mod works just fine, they all turn into beast-races like they should.

Q:Will this mod work with texture enhancement mod such as "Nicer looking argonians"?
A:It should!

Q:I want to use different assets, like meshes or skeletons - can I do that with this mod?
A:Download the files replace textures/whatever it is you want changed and you should be fine!

Regarding the Lykaios - when downloading you will get a bunch of option on how you want them to look (fuzzy or smooth fur and so on).
Feel free when downloading it and replace textures with what you'd rather have.

What the mod package uses:
-smooth male
-smooth female CBBE
-regular necks (and normal noses)

Installation instructions

This mod relies on other mods to work. Since I won't take someone else's work, you will have to go to the individual places to get them.
However, for the sake of future compability for this mod I have compiled an optional file for download that includes the required files.

Cats of Skyrim by Fluffy

The Lungaris by Mickyan

Fennec fox race by Jelly

Vaalsark by Wolf of the Azar

Vukasin by ArcicCarnage

Lykaios Race by KrittaKitty

Update: Looks like the lykaios race is down on the nexus. Instead you could download the optional file that includes the lykaios meshes and textures needed.
Update2: Fixed the link to the new reupload of Lykaios.

Other recommended mods

Because of longer faces, certain headgear will obviously not fit. This is a problem that was in vanilla Skyrim for Argonians and Khajiits, but all to obvious with this mod now that it affects every playable race. These three mods stop some common offenders to this problem, however there will still be some odd headwear, such as dwarven and ebony helmets.
Maskless dragonpriest masks
Guards have invisible helmets
Open Nightingale Hood

Same philosophy applies to the bigger ears that now are simply too large to scuff in under your hats. These mods makes all the ears clip through most headwear, as if there are holes for the ears - just like there would be.
Earclipping for all non-scaly races
For Argonian horns

One in this mod doesn't change is the skeletons. This mod adds skeletons with animal skulls, so that it's not only the old uncursed human skeletons walking around.
Beast skeletons

If you play as a cat race and want to be a werewolf, then either of these mods turns you into a were-feline instead!

Load order

You will only need the meshes/textures from the race mods. Only the Cats of Skyrim esp (and Furry Age of Skyrim) is required to be activated.
  • Place any mods that might modify races here
    • Place any of the recommended mods here
    • catsofskyrim.esp
    • Furry Age of Skyrim.esp (this mod)

    All should of course be activated, but none of the other race mod esp's (Vukasin/Lykaios ect).

    Even more races?

    I'd love to have every race be a different animal, currently we seem to be out of good races.

    I've seen plans for a Dino race and talks about otter and shark races. Anything would be great for this mod if it ever come out.
    As for what I would personally use if I could choose freely, I would also want some sort of african animal for the Redguards - not lions, but maybe hyenas. I also feel that equines, bovines and rodents are underrepresented currently. Still this mod alread has great variety compared to the first version.

    Last but not least - Thank you!