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About this mod

The Elder Scrolls V - Ragnarok. Can you survive the end of everything?

Permissions and credits

Ragnarök - The ultimate destruction of the gods in a cataclysmic battle with evil, out of which a new order will arise. literally meaning "Twilight of the Gods".

Please read everything in this long description before you ask questions. Any questions that are answered in the description will not be answered (at least not by me).

Dragonheart (Coming Soonest)
Ashes to Ashes (Coming Soon)
Ancient Power (Coming Soon)
The Frozen Huntsman (Coming Soon)
Hel's Revenge (Coming Soon)
The Dawn (Coming Soon)
Wolf's Howl (Coming Soon)
Fire and Ice (Coming Soon)

This was originally meant to just be a better remake of my mod "Asgard - Kingdom of the Gods". A one world space with different areas made to fit the description of the 9 Norse worlds; however it turned out to be so much more.

This mod consists of all 9 Norse Paganism worlds (except for Midgard, which I have considered to be Skyrim) plus a bonus world that I created that is not a real part of Norse Paganism.

When playing this mod, you will be approached with a choice. Will you fight on the side of good or on the side of evil?

Both sides consisting of a 5 quest series that will let you decide the outcome of Ragnarök.

Version 1.0 and up:
Updated Skyrim. Everything else is now included!!!

Beta Versions:
Updated Skyrim
ApachiiSkyHair.esm(not required after version 1.0)
ApachiiSkyHairMales.esm(not required after version 1.0)
RaceCompatibility.esm (included in mod!)

I know many frown upon the Apachii Hair requirement due to many un-lore-friendly hairstyles, but I did my best to use only hairstyles that fit the situation.

2 new playable races:
Light Elf

Over 25 NPCs based on Norse Gods (much more NPCs than just that!)
8 Quests total (Some unplayable by choosing a certain side)
2 possible EPIC boss fights
Too many unique items to count
9 new world spaces:
Niflheim (Includes Helheim)
+a secret world

15 followers/potential spouses:

Grimm (Not potential spouse)
Gunnar Grimmsson
Ragnar Lodbrok
Bjorn Ironside
Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye
Agnar Ragnarsson
Ivar the Boneless
Valkyrie House Carl (coming soon!)

Add-ons! I'm gonna make new quests that will take place in the same world place and require this mod. So keep your eyes open!

More dialogue. Due to currently having a pretty tight schedule, I didn't have time to make all of the dialogue that explains who each NPC is and etc. Much of the info can be found in books, but most of it will come at a later time when I have the time to create 100+ lines of dialogue

-You can take as many of the golden apples as you can hold. I suggest you do so.
-You should bring a lot of gold. I tried to make the Berserker Potions cheaper, but the potion thing kinda decides on its own price. They show up as 6,000 each on a level 1 player, but they really are worth it.
-Grimm and One-Eye can be recruited as Followers after first entering Asgard
-There are many followers in Valhalla, they can be recruited as soon as Odin's Great Halls are unlocked.
-This is not a run through real fast kind of mod. You will need to heal, block and be tactical to survive.
-Many of the armors and weapons are over-powered, but they need to be in these worlds.
-Once you reach Freyr's Hall, go outside to find a map marker to more easily return later.
-When you go to the Prison, make sure you have some empty space. You will find a nice, HEAVY armor that weights over 200 total including the massive weapon.
-I highly suggest once you reach the maze, you make a map. perhaps take a screenshot of the map inside the maze, then make color coded dots to show you where the different portals take you to.

-The quest markers DO NOT appear in Tamriel. Refer to the map screenshot. It will give you all the info you need.
-Sometimes the quest markers don't work correctly in the new world spaces. Sometimes they will tell you to go to the incorrect place. If you wind up going through a door and it tells you to go right back out, refer to the map, it will have the correct location.
-Do NOT use the Muspelheim teleport before you are finished in the area, I have not yet created a way to get back to the required area once you leave, making the quest uncompletable.
-Some NPCs are not the correct race... But you try putting a Giantess in a cell as small as the Nóatún captians quarters and tell me how it works out for you...
-Not all depictions are drawn from my religion. Many of the things I weren't sure about and used Marvel depictions or depictions from other sources.
-Nóatún isn't fully populated. It got to be too much of a hassle to place NPCs in that cell, will add more eventually, though.
-The World Space maps came out weird. They are at the very bottom of the map screen and you are unable to scroll the map that far down. Just right click and move the mouse forward and it will give you a full view of the map.

V1.3 - Fixed another issue in the Loki Quest Line, will hopefully work perfectly now. Fully cleaned this version!!! Even fixed the Navmesh issues that TES5Edit found.

V1.2 - Deleted broken aliases, Loki quest will now work appropriately.

V1.1 - Fixed a script overwriting error, all scripts should now work accordingly.

V1.0 - Fully stand-alone. No longer requires any mods that are not included.

V0.6 - Added unique hair to some NPCs whose hair somehow got changed back to Vanilla styles

V0.5 - Initial Nexus Release

There are A LOT of credits because I suck at making models and had to use many other peoples assets. If I used something from your mod and forgot to credit you, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it!!

My religion, all the Gods and prophecy that inspired this mod.
Bethesda for Skyrim and the CK.
exray catt - Frost Giants, Fire Giants
apachii - ApachiiSkyHair
Angilla - Forest Throne Resource, Elder Statue
lagrie - Armory of Talos
Stoverjm - Open Book Resource
Stroti and Tamira - Old Mill Resource, Stroti Resource Pack, Manor Resource, Castle Wall Resource, Market Stands
UMP1R3 - Stargates
mr_siika and Kraeten - Griffon Fortress Resource
markusliberty - Cyrodiil Farmhouse Resource
Tonynark067 - Gold Coin Piles, Dwarven Statue
Tamira - Antique Statue, New Plants
acidzebra - Lava
ChickenDownunder - Harvestables
Blary - Alchemy Clutter, Food Container Resource
Vicn - Creature Resource, The Mad Masker
Oaristys - Modder Resource Pack
chaosperal - Apple Trees
Chesko - Book Pile Resource
mcmanus82 - Mirrored Statues
Ironman5000 - Oblivion Deadlands
Ga-Knomboe Boy - Tree Resource
Runspect - Resources
Th3Mut4nt - Astroth Horns
Faelrin - Wolf Knight Armor
Cyrkon - Light Dwarven Armor
Kelretu - Beastmaster Helmet
Fury945 - Half Elf Race
GPM26 - Dwarf Race
nuska - Mod Resource Pack
Northborn - Northborn Scars
Anuiel - Dwemer Beards
Hvergelmir - Beards
jacknifeless - Velvet Robes
frankdema - Nordic Hunter Light Armor
Newermind34 - Rise of the Legend - Ysgramor
Omesean for the Æsir Beard
Jackga over on the steam worshop for her evil daedric armor, Silver armor and golden eagle armor!
Stiktrooper for teaching me to make NPCs with missing body parts!

IsharaMeradin and Oulixes for helping me with scripts. Without the both of them, this mod would never have been finished.