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Give yourself and NPC's a place to relax. They can now lay, sit, pray and read at your command, or when they have nothing better to do.

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vwr Idle Markers:

This mod adds a spell to your inventory which allows you to place markers that can be selected by NPC's and the player. These markers will cause the character to sit, lay, read, and pray. This is an early release, but I'm not sure when I'm gonna work on it more. Use it to command your followers into these poses, or just give them somewhere to relax.

When you load a saved game or start a new game, the spell will be added to your inventory. It's called "Place Idle Marker". Stand somewhere in Skyrim, cast the spell, then choose which type of marker you wish to place from the pop up menu (sit, lay, read, or pray). The marker will be invisible so just look down at your feet to select it. Now you can use the marker, tell your follower to use it, or just watch idle npc's randomly use it. If you want to delete the marker you created, just select it while sneaking.