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Have you ever felt like "Ok, this is good but I think we can make it better" looking to some particulare aspect of a game? Have you even thought about having this or that particular thing (music or other) added to your game, thinking it would've been glorious to have that instead of the original one? I'll let you know one secret: I constantly think about that. I always look for customization, in every aspect of things I do, the things as they are are never enough for me. So that's where my mod come out, ready to be enjoyed (hopefully XD).


To put it in a simple way, this mod replaces the main menu music theme with a brand new one. The nice thing is that I don't just come here with one theme to install. No: you have three songs to chosse between! That's right, my friends, you can chose the one you like better and have it in your game as the main menu theme! For this mod I chosed three song I really enjoy listening to. One is from the lovely Malukah, wich is the author of the famous "The Dragonborn Comes" cover, so often used as a replacement for the main menu music theme. The second one is from a very talented girl called Kate Covington, wich made a lot of vocal covers from various videogames (Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and many, many others). She has a beautiful, mesmerizing voice, as you will see. Last, but not the least, we have a cover of the Sovengarde main theme, performed by a girl with a lovely angelic voice, called Stephanie Young. Just listen to her version to see yourself how hypnotic her voice is!

~UPDATE: 11/05/2014~

I just added three more songs to the list. Two of the three tunes I added are from the original game OST and are the Dragon Fight Theme songs. I added them both because I guessed it would've be nice to have them play in the background while you're in the main menu, instead of the vanilla song. The third one I added is not actually from Skyrim, as you can guess from the title. Originally it was the Morrowind Main Theme and this guy, KawlunPlaysGuitar, recorded a guitar metal version of this tune, making it far more epic and inspiring, at least in my humble opinion. Check this out, because it does really worths a shot.


[With Nexus Mod Manager]

1 - Click on "Download with manager" button
2 - When finished downloading, just double click on the mod to activate it
3 - Overwrite everything if prompted
4 - Enjoy your listening! :D

[Manual Installation]

1 - Download any version you like to have
2 - Unzip the archive's content to your desktop or wherever you want
3 - Copy the extracted Data folder to your Skyrim folder
4 - Overwrite everything if prompted
5 - Enjoy your listening!

[With Mod Organizer]

1 - Download the file in any way you like (manual or downloading with manager)
2 - During the installation, make sure to click on "Manual", then right click on the "Data" folder and, then, on "set data directory"
3 - Click ok and and then activate the mod
4 - Enjoy your listening!


I would like to say a big THANKS YOU to these three girls:

Kate Covington
Stephanie Young

Wich composed and recorded the songs I used for my mod. Without them this mod couldn't exist :)

And, also, KawlumPlaysGuitar for recording his amazing version of the TESIII:Morrowind theme, wich I used for this mod.


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