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Added: 09/05/2014 - 11:44PM
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Carryable Props

This is a small mod that adds 4 carryable props, a drink tray, a flower basket, a cooking pot, and a goblet. It adds four spells to the player that can be cast by pressing the shout key. Once the spell
is cast, a prop will appear magically in the player's hands. The player will carry this object
until he/she does either of these things:
1. Runs
2. Jumps
3. Draws their weapon or magic

I made this mod because I was playing a character who was a barmaid, and I wanted her to
carry a drink tray. So if I want her to carry one, I just equip the spell and press the shout
key. She can walk around with it as long as she likes.

Because of the limited amount of offset idles in the game, there are only four spells.
* Carry Drink Tray
* Carry Flower Basket
* Carry Cooking Pot
* Carry Goblet

Carryable Props Update!
adds 4 alteration spells that when cast on an NPC will allow
them to use the props. These spells are found in the small
chest in Farrengar's study.

This mod requires a copy of Skyrim and the latest update.

I hope you enjoy my mod. :)