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A medium sized house located just outside Rifen. Darkfall Estate is at first glance just and ordinary home. However, down it's hidden basement lies a sanctuary with anything a thief or otherwise shady character might need.

Permissions and credits

If you are changing from the Hearthfire version to the non-Hearthfire version, and vice versa, you need to retrieve the items you have stored in the house before changing.

This mod now works with, Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix. This is required for having your spouse and children move in to the estate. Although either version of the mod works fine without it. It will just make that feature unavailable.

  • A fully furnished house for thieves and other fiendish characters.
  • A hidden basement filled with everything a crock might have use of.
  • A hidden entrance leading into Riften.
  • Two small gardens and an outside barbecue area.
  • Crafting stations and cooking pot.
  • Usable weapon racks/plaques, display cases and mannequins.
  • Hearthfire version: Can house two children and one spouse.

Darkfall Estate is a seemingly ordinary medium sized house outside Riften. However down it’s hidden basement lies everything a thief or person of ill repute needs. The house comes with a patio that includes an outside barbecue area, a flower garden, a vegetable garden and two chickens. The insides feature a kitchen and dining area along with a bedroom and a study. In the hidden basement there is access to an arsenal, training room and usable crafting equipment, storage area and a treasury. There’s is also a hidden exit leading into Riften which you can find behind the big security door.
Any character can find some good use out of the house if he or she so chooses, as the top level is just an ordinary inconspicuous house.

The entrance to the secret basement is located behind a false panel in the wardrobe located in the study.

The house is located east of the Riften city wall. There is also a hidden entrance next to the wall from inside the city; close to the Thieves Guild hidden entrance.

To install, put the LBDarkfall Estate.esp and LBDarkfall Estate.bsa into your Skyrim data folder.
To uninstall, remove LBDarkfall Estate.esp and LBDarkfall Estate.bsa from the Skyrim data folder.

The newest version of Skyrim( is a must.
The Hearthfire version requires Hearthfire.
Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix it is required for having your spouse and children move in to the estate.

Might be some slight issues with mods that alter Riften and it’s nearby surroundings.

Version 1.2
  • Added a fence and gate.
  • Hearthfire version: Changed beds to allow children.
  • Hearthfire version: Added the option for spouses to move in.
  • Hearthfire version: Added plantable plots for the farm and garden.
And other various small fixes to both versions.

Version 1.1
  • Added two more beds to the bedroom.
  • Rearranged some furniture in the vault and treasury.
  • Fixed the house being set to public.
  • And other various small fixes.

Mod Creator: LightBug
Assistance: Deor
Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix.

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Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
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Strotis Ovens by Stroti and Tamira
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