The Lost Kingdom of Hyrule by neal carr
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Last updated at 21:35, 22 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 4:29, 9 May 2014

Updates are coming people i promise it just taking some time want to have a bit more content before i push another up date

update adds
some enemy's in dungeon
kokiri sword Thanks to JKalenad
Beginning of first quest sorry for crapy voice acting it is just a place holder for now.
Update 2 adds
Full first quest playable
you will find the quest giver in River wood he will be a nord called elder
once again sorry for crapy voice action it is just a place holder
if you already messed with dungeon you may need to go back a few save to fix
Update 3 Add
Extends dungeon and adds master sword

plan to use all recourse from relics of hyrule and will be adding things not form it such as
the hook shot
dungeon clutter form zelda universe

super credit props to JKalenad for assets form relics of hyrule

as for the story that is a secret for right now

a mod that is super early that i have just started to day 5/8/2014 will be a ongoing thing
requires relics of Hyrule mod by JKalenad
requires Dawnguard dlc as well
you will need to type in the consle to access the current area coc "hylianruins"(No longer Required added exterior entrance in Riverwood
theres not much yet but there will be a great many things


super credit props to JKalenad for assets form relics of hyrule

Hylian Shield, Hero's Bow, Wind Waker Mirror Shield, Fierce Diety's Sword and Master Sword:

Based on Chief-01's meshes:

Converted to Skyrim by CaptainRC (Hylian Shield and Master Sword) and DMagnus

Hylian Shield Texture by JKalenad, using textures from

Terminan Shield:
The mesh of the Terminan shield is made by Tyen and used with his permission.
Based on the Hylian Shield from his Legend of Zelda mod:

Biggoron's Sword and Kokiri Sword:
Mesh by Christian of early CCRE for his Zelda Oot Equipment mod:

Converted to Skyrim by DMagnus

Ocarina of Time Mirror Shield mesh and texture by DMagnus

Majora's Mask by Motch1391

Keaton Mask and Pedestal of Time from the Return of a Hero mod

Ordon Sword by Kyim, originally from this mod:
Honed Ordon Sword by manndarin, originally from this mod:

Redead scream by studiorat:

Ocarina of Time by Buckles