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Last updated at 2:59, 9 May 2014 Uploaded at 8:39, 8 May 2014

IMPORTANT- please use the read me instructions on where to place the files or it may not won`t work ( for manual installation)

note re-package has everything that the original had included in it and more, please only download one

RE-PACKAGE information
okay so i just added in Gina`s facegen meshes/textures files, far as i know she doesn`t have the greyface bug even without them but if you get this problem simply add these files into specifed path and it should be resolved, i`ve also re-organized the files into titled folders to make it easy to identify one from the other thankyou for giving my mod a go and please let me know about any bugs or problems so that i may try and resolve them

I also have plans to upload videos for a preview of the mod and if necessary how to install step by step :))

okay so this is my first upload and of course my first time making mods.. hope you enjoy these new followers feedback is welcome, also keep in mind that i named this mod daedric hunters because they both have enchanted daedric Greatsword and some armor pieces for Arakai and a Inferno daedric bow for (Gina)

you can find gina in whiterun by the statue of talos and arakai is also in whiterun look at images for his location its not far from the front gate on the left side

note that the cloak gina is wearing is from the cloaks of skyrim mod
( if you wish you have a cloak on her i recommend it )

there is only one known bug ( arakai`s face turns grey)

i`ve added the necessary files to fix this just follow the readme instructions, readme also contains installation instructions :))

also note that it requires 7zip or something similar in order to extract the files

Feedback is very welcome..