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A show room to be used with Jaxonz Positioner. It contains static objects that the player can take and re-spawn to decorate their home. Also creates a Hearthfire vendor that sells supplies you need to build your home.

Permissions and credits
This companion mod to Jaxonz Positioner will allow you to turn a blank house into the customized house you always wanted.

It contains static objects, furniture, and containers you can pick up with Jaxonz Positioner or a similar mod. In lore friendly mode pressing the Dwemer button next to each display will cost a 100 gold toll, and then a copy of the display object will be built by an ancient machine. The copy will appear in the room west of the entrance at 8 am the next day. Construction time and cost can be changed in the mod menu.

With lore friendly mode disabled the Dwemer button next to each display item will spawn a new one for you right away for no charge.

Currently I have the following sets on display:
Crafting Stations

More are coming soon!

The show room also contains Lance, a building supplies vendor for Hearthfire supplies. His research notes can be found on the counter when you first enter the show room.

You can find the show room along the north beach of Lake Ilinalta next to one of the fishing camps.

This mod was made to be used with Jaxonz Positioner which you can find here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583/? but any mod that let's you move static items in game will work.

Right now I cannot spawn weapon racks, mannequins, or working bookshelves. Once you can move these with Jaxonz Positioner I can use his spawn code to create them for you.

Please let me know if there are any items you want added to the show room, I will be glad to set them up.