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What it does: This little .esp file makes Companion members more stronger and more warrior-like. The main goal is make Companion members more suitable for their skill points, so they can fight more efficient. (For example; Skjor is better at one-handed and blocking, so he uses a one-handed sword and a shield etc.)

How to install: Just copy this file into your own Skyrim/Data folder. Then select it from "Data Files" option in the Launcher.

Complete Changelog:

- Aela the Huntress wears Scaled Armor set and uses an Ebony Bow with Ebony Arrows.
- Farkas wears Steel Plate set and uses an Ebony Greatsword.
- Vilkas wears Ebony Armor set and uses an Ebony Battleaxe (two-handed).
- Skjor wears Ebony Armor set and uses an Ebony Sword & Ebony Shield.
- Kodlak Whitemane still wears a Wolf Armor set but now he uses an Ebony Warhammer (see reccomended mods).
- Njada Stonearm wears Scaled Armor set and uses an Ebony Sword & Ebony Shield.
- Ria wears Steel Plate Armor set and uses an Ebony War Axe & Ebony Shield.
- Athis wears Steel Armor set and uses an Ebony Mace & Ebony Shield.
- Torvar wears Banded Iron Armor set and uses an Iron Battleaxe (two-handed).
- Servants now wears Fine Clothes (Tilma and Brill).
- Eorlund Gray-Mane now wears a Blacksmith suit.

Why I didn't give them all superpowered Daedric and Glass sets? Because I didn't want to overdose, making all of them a superhero. This is just a medium improvement for them, as a warrior guild.

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This is my first file on Nexus. Actually I'm inspired this mod ( when preparing this one. This is just an alternative. Thanks VincentIcarus for guide to merging multiple .esp files.

For future: Maybe I can make other guild such as Winterhold College, Thieves Guild more powerful. Please endorse if you want this.