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thanks for coming to my page and downloading my mod. Feel free to upload any screenshot you want. :)

“Arelyl was born in the ashlands of Solstheim in the shelter of the great Bulwark of Ravenrock. Her parents were of a humble Dunmer
family that once lived on the island of Vvanderfell before they were driven out by the fires of Red Mountain. She was of the rare children
to face the harsh life of the island, surviving on ash yams and what meat and fish her family could get, but she was hardy enough to grow
strong in such a place. From a young age her parents knew she was strong and determined, rarely complaining about the tasks she had to do and
rarely seeming to tire. Even though life was tough, Arelyl never lost her friendly spirit to the gloom of the ash.

Her parents saw the spirit of a warrior in her, though they feared her becoming a guard of the city, facing the denizens of the ash, so they
made sure she had someone to train her in the ways of battle so she would be safe. It was no surprise to them that she excelled in her training,
learning to wield a one handed blade with grace and skill, she had fire to her like that of the distant mountain that rose above the shores of
the sea. Eventually she became a bodyguard to one of those of house Redoran, the bandits among the ashes learning a harsh lesson at the tip of her blade.

Some years later a shadows darken than even the ashen clouds above the city drifted to the island, a presence that unsettled the people of the city.
Arelyl wished she could fight that feeling but it was no foe of flesh and blood easily dispatched by her blade. She watched as other Dunmer fell under
the spell of a voice that whispered among the ash storms, her fiery side woke when she saw this. Hearing the tales of the Dragonborn wandering the lands
of Skyrim she thought this hero might be able to help her fight the hidden foe of the island. She made the long journey across the cold sea to the shores
near Windhelm with what coin she had made as a bodyguard. She found a cold welcome in the city though those who spoke hateful words learned how unwise that was.
Now she awaits word in Candlehearth hall of a mighty adventurer, perhaps one will find her in that hall, one she will find worthy to stand with.”
by Kamikazekossori


thanks a lot

This mod add a standalone follower to the game, based on my main character Arelyl.
She's a Dark Elf female, vanilla voice, 1 Handed warrior with her own perks (she also have light foot) and her own body shape:
she is available for UNPB, CBBE and SevenBase

What "standalone" mean?
You don't need any additional mod to run this one.
Everything you need is already there.

Arelyl is located in Windhelm, at the Candlehearth Hall.
She should be there around the bard enjoying the music.

NMM highly raccomanded, just click on the big green button (download with manager) to install the mod.
If you like to do it manually, Un-zip and copy/paste the contents of the "data" folder in your skyrim Data directory.

i won't add any BBP, TBBP or anything. I don't like that, sorry.
If you already have that kind of skeleton as your main game skeleton, you shouldn't have problems using armors with physics on her, btw you won't see physics on her when she's without armor.

Possible Issues:
Possible small neck seam on CBBE version due to face normal maps (EEO). It could be less or more visible depending on the ENB you are using

Mods Used:
CBBE Body by Caliente
UNPB Body by Blessed Redux Project team
SevenBase Body by Crosscrusade, DeMoNhUnTeR1986, Sevennity
Mature Skin Texture by Maevan2
The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
Battle Hardened Warpaints by Diethardt, netherwalk
Northborn Scars by Northborn
Brows by Hvergelmir
Wet Body Skin Textures by Xs2reality
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
NUHairstyles by NanaBeats

Beta Testers - Screenarchers:

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Special Thanks:
Bethesda for creating Skyrim
my friends on nexus and flickr
my supporters
and you...for downloading my mod

thank you all :)

DO NOT upload my mod in any website without my permission! If you have any doubt feel free to send me a PM. Thank you