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Combines the tree distant LOD from Caribou Gone, Skyrim Flora Overhaul and Realistic Aspen Trees for full compatibility.

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Caribou Gone is a fantastic mod. Unfortunately, it overwrites the distant tree LOD for the vanilla trees, reverting the SFO lod for those. I had created this for myself as soon as Caribou Gone came out, and updated it as updates to SFO came out. I've now decided to share this with the community for your convenience.

This also includes tree LOD from AceeQ's excellent "Realistic Aspen Trees" , so do yourself a favour and grab that one as well. SFO actually used to feature diverse aspen colors, but this changed in one of the latest version. I consider this mod a very welcome addition to SFO, I liked the increased diversity.

Tree LOD from Vurt's Heavy Snowy Pines latest version is also included.

Enjoy, and please remember to endorse the original authors' mods!


Just drop the contents of the archive in your Data folder after you've installed the previously mentioned mods.


Skyrim Flora Overhaul -
Caribou Gone -
Realistic Aspen Trees -


My good friend Erik for teaching me how to use GIMP. Thanks bro!