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Last updated at 0:32, 8 May 2014 Uploaded at 6:41, 6 May 2014

In this mod I am attempting to overhaul the original crafting to something more similar to how crafting is in Elder Scrolls Online. I am adding in racial materials as well as Motif books for each of the crafting styles and have set each race a default crafting style as well. Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

At the moment I have replaced the iron sword with a different iron sword of each style and am uploading with what I have at the moment for testing and feedback.

I used gemstone models currently in the game to make the racial mats but have yet to add those or the Motif books to loot tables yet so those must be added via console command at the moment.

Currently I have the steel sword model set as Redguard style and the iron sword model set as Breton and since there are nno Kajiht or Argonian styles I have Kajiht defaulted as Redguard and Argonian defaulted to Breton. All elves are default elven, Nords are set to the nordic steel set from Dragonborn DLC, Orcs set to Orcish, and Bretons and Redguards defaulted accordingly from the above explanation.

Please leave any comments on any bugs found so far and I will be adding more as I have time since this is going to take a lot of editing. After all the basic crafting and loot changes are made I will try to make textures for each level as well so something like an Ebony sword with the Elven style doesn't just look like an Elven Sword.

First Update:

Racial crafting materials have been added to Blacksmith vendors and the racial motif books have been added as random loot to boss chests and a few boss mobs/tough mobs. Let me know in the comments if the books don't drop or if the crafting mats aren't at the blacksmith vendors.

Now that the loot is taken care of I will be adding in more weapons to craft and I'll periodically update with what I have. After all that has been completed I will try to retexture the weapons to match the materials used and will start on armor.

Update 2:

All one handed swords have been added to the files for crafting and using a texture I made a couple years back, the elven style dwarven sword has a custom texture as well. I will continue adding weapons as I have time and after that will try to start texturing them.