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--)- SPELL LIST -(--

+ Blend Sign (Astetu) +

Rod of Power - Violently summons a Rod of Power into existence.

Cosmic Impact - Calls down several meteors in front of the caster.
Entanglement - Damages and marks the target, swapping position on the next hit.
Sentinel - The Rod of Power nearest the target fires explosive flares.
Shockwave Cascade - Damages a target and propagates in an AoE on death.
Spell Clash - Beam that deals bonus damage and interrupt if the target is casting a spell.

Abduct - Target is pulled into the air by a beam of light and damaged over time.
Force Grip - Grab a target with telekinetic force, absorbing its Health.
Judgment - Random nearby Rods of Power are struck by energy bolts.
Plasma Bolt - Charge for a long time, then release a devastating energy blast.
Servitor - Follows the caster while firing a powerful laser beam.

Force Lightning - Grab a target with telekinetic force and throw it as a lightning grenade.
Force Strike - Damages targets being grabbed or thrown.
Lightspeed - Charge into a distant target, knocking down and dealing damage.
Magnetic Link - Target is sucked towards the nearest Rod of Power.
Stellar Flare - Summons an explosive star overhad to throw enemies into.

Ark - Summons a flying saucer from the future with a devastating laser beam.
Luminous Host - Summons spirits to swarm a target and fire energy bolts.

+ Y Sign (Ilmaasi) +

Umbral Orb - Violently summons an Umbral Orb into existence.

Annihilation - Deals percentage damage to a target and yourself.
Dark Telekinesis - Grab an Umbral Orb or other object and throw it for damage.
Eldritch Blast - Damages high Health targets, levitates low Health targets.
Event Horizon - Circular barrier that traps enemies, then explodes.
Negasphere - Slowly follows a target, accumulating damage over time.

Crucitorn - Blasts a levitating target for high amounts of damage.
Negastorm - The nearest Umbral Orb blasts nearby targets with dark energy.
Resonance Beam - Damages targets based on how many targets are affected.
Stranglehold - Levitate a target in front of you, dealing damage.
Voidharmonics - Curses the target to make nearby Umbral Orbs explode.

Black Star - Follows the target at a slow speed, blasting an energy beam.
Disruption Wave - Dispels levitation effects, launching enemies.
Negaforce - The target is attracted towards the nearest Umbral Orb.
Umbral Barrage - All Umbral Orbs are telekinetically thrown at the target.
Umbral Mass - Summons an Umbral Orb and magnetically binds the target to it.

Graviton Core - A heavy mass descends, pulling the target to it.
Implosion - Blast of dark energy that hits the target area after a delay.

+ K Sign (AgNil-Bright) +

Trine Bolt (hidden) - Deals heavy damage to Health, Magicka or Stamina randomly.

+ Boss reward powers +

Reward for killing Ilmaasi:
First Light - Casts nearby enemies into a galactic core. Fires beams that deal minor damage, but also mark targets to be hit by a high damage explosion that occurs when the spell ends.

Reward for killing Astetu:
Wormhole - Summons a zero gravity warp tunnel. Fres a barrage of explosive bolts at the levitating enemies, dealing high amounts of AoE damage.

Reward for killing AgNil-Bright:
Galactic Finale - Casts nearby enemies into an unstable nebula. Fires flares that deal damage and bring targets closer to the nebula. On contact, the nebula explodes, dealing heavy damage to all enemies near it.

Reward for absorbing 3 Luminous Skyshards during the Impact Sites quest:
Justice - Increases the damage of your Luminous spells against enemies that are attacking or casting a spell.

Reward for absorbing 3 Tenebrous Skyshards during the Impact Sites quest:
Force of Will - Increases the damage of your Tenebrous spells at close range to your enemies.

Reward for completing the Twinkle in the Sky quest (hidden):
Twinkle in the Sky - Increases the damage of your Luminous spells against enemies being levitated or thrown.

Reward for completing the Contempt for the Weak quest (hidden):
Contempt for the Weak - Increases the damage of your offensive telekinesis attack.


To gain allegiance with Astetu:
- Disagreeing with Ilmaasi: +250
- Casting a Luminous spell in combat: +2
- Absorbing a Luminous Skyshard: +100 (+150 for the one in Jenedusil's Shrine)
- Killing a Tenebrous Spark: +25

To gain allegiance with Ilmaasi:
- Agreeing with Ilmaasi: +250
- Casting a Tenebrous spell in combat: +2
- Absorbing a Tenebrous Skyshard: +100 (+150 for the one in Jenedusil's Shrine)
- Killing a Luminous Spark: +25

Having the correct opinion, killing all Sparks and taking all Skyshards yields a total of 875. The MCM lets you configure the amount of allegiance required to proceed.



1. When you reach level 3 and are in Skyrim, a Khajiit named Khajor tracks you down and starts a conversation, telling you to head to the northern shore for an object that fell out of the sky. At the indicated spot is the Marker. (If you find it before you meet Khajor, it is hidden by a dome shield) Talk to the Marker to receive a new location to explore.

2. The location is a shipwreck which contains clues pointing to a Skyshard underwater. It is located on the seafloor slightly to the west of the shipwreck. Activate it to absorb it.

3. The Marker gives you no further information, but a priest of Meridia named Seletar tracks you down after you absorb the Skyshard. He tells you about the Magna-Ge and sends you to an underground shrine in the southeast corner of the map. Explore the shrine.

4. When you enter the main room, a magical force closes the door behind you, preventing escape. To get out of this room, find the dead elf on the scaffolding and read his notes.

5. In short, they tell you to throw his corpse into the fire (causing a massive conflagration) and then jump into the fire yourself. This transports you to a temple in another worldspace.

6. This temple contains a locked door; the large room illuminated by crystals contains the key.

7. To get back out of this room, note the fallen crystal chandelier. Touching it causes an explosion that launches you away. Position yourself correctly and it will blast you back onto the ledge.

8. Open the door and collect the Skyshard, then return whence you came and head into the portal.

9. Meet Astetu!

10. Do as the quest says and head over to Seletar at Meridia's shrine. He gives you the location of another Skyshard.

11. From this point onwards, you can buy spells from Seletar.

12. Head over to the indicated location and enter the snow elf mansion under the ice.

13. The first large room has a laser that fires on your position, leaving lethal magic circles, but its aim is delayed by a few seconds. You need to pull all four levers located on the walls of this room. This will not open the door because its mechanism is frozen; you have to pull them again.

14. Continue onwards and absorb the Skyshard, then take the door on your left. When you get to the corridor with no roof and lightning overhead, look up because an avalanche is inbound. The next room is a trap: when you enter it, the door locks itself and the exit is blocked. After a while, untargettable ghosts start appearing in the room.

15. Defend yourself against the ghosts for about two minutes until a dark force "assumes direct control" and everyone starts floating and you shoot energy bolts. Kill the ghosts with the energy bolts before the timer runs out (or you die).

16. Meet Ilmaasi!

17. From this point onwards, your allegiance with the Magna-Ge is being tracked, starting with the conversation option you choose at the end of Ilmaasi's dialogue. Choosing "You may be right" is worth 250 allegiance points with Ilmaasi, choosing "I will not let this happen" is worth 250 allegiance points with Astetu (and drops you from orbit; aim for water).

18. Head over to Seletar. If you ask him to repeat his cryptic statement, you get a book (which would otherwise only be available for purchase at the end). The "Impact Sites" quest appears, giving you the location of a Luminous Skyshard and a Tenebrous Skyshard. Absorbing these yields allegiance points, so you may want to do this now.

19. After talking with Seletar, Khajor tracks you down again and gives you the quest "A Message to the Orphans". You need to complete this quest in order to proceed.

20. Upon completing the quest "A Message to the Orphans", the Marker calls to you. Return to it..

21. It commences opening a gateway to the Magna-Ge plane. Four Sparks attack you; kill one to stop the attack and then return to the Marker to be teleported.

22. Welcome to the Untimes. The suspicious Khajiit in the distance is Khajor again. By now you should be rightfully suspicious about that cat.

23. And you would be right! Meet AgNil-Bright, and he tries to kill you (see BOSS FIGHTS). Kill him, receive the Galactic Finale power and return to Nirn.

24. The quest continues when you attain 1000 allegiance with either Magna-Ge AND skill level 90 in Destruction. When you meet these conditions and gain more allegiance while being outdoors and in Skyrim, you are teleported by the other Magna-Ge, who at this point is very angry with you!

25. Kill the Magna-Ge (see BOSS FIGHTS). The other Magna-Ge then teleports you to him and thanks you. Depending on whether you support Astetu or Ilmaasi, you receive respectively the First Light or Wormhole power and the ability to purchase the master level ritual spell Ark or Graviton Core from Seletar after inventory restock. If you opted to support Ilmaasi, you may notice something different about the world...

26. See Seletar to finish the quest. After inventory restock you can buy the lorebooks you missed from Seletar.


This quest becomes available when you talk with Seletar after meeting Astetu, but only becomes actionable when you talk with Seletar after meeting Ilmaasi.

It features 6 Skyshard sites: 3 Luminous Skyshards and 3 Tenebrous Skyshards. The next in line only appears after you absorb the previous one. The quest ends when you absorb all 3 Skyshards associated with either alignment. But beware, they are guarded by enemy Sparks whose damage scales with the allegiance you have built up. Your reward is a lot of allegiance points and the Will of Astetu or Will of Ilmaasi power, which boosts the corresponding spells by 50% while granting 50% resistance to the opposite spells for 60 seconds.


This quest is given by Khajor after you talk with Seletar after meeting Ilmaasi. Completing this quest is necessary in order to proceed.

The quest gives you the location of 3 Stones of the Stars; activate one to gain a large speed buff and be given a countdown and the location of another Stone. Reach the goal in time to complete the mission. Repeat for the other Stones.


Run towards the waterfall, but don't jump straight down (you won't make it), instead cut across the shore on the right, giving you a little bit of extra height. After landing in the water below, jump off the next waterfall but slow down a little so you don't bottom out. From there on it's a straight swim to the finish.


Run up the hill and under the arch, then follow the terrain to the right. Stay left to avoid falling to your death at the descent. There are multiple routes across the crevices, or you can stay left and go across the dwarven buildings. The finish stone is on the ridge at the far end of the Frostflow.


Turn around and follow the path as it turns to the left. You want to jump into the water at or shortly after the curve so as to not fall to your death. Charge across the swamp and underneath the Solitude arch, then head up the path on the western shore, following it to the lighthouse.


This quest is granted by the Marker by following its dialogue tree after speaking with Ilmaasi (but not when the Marker wants to teleport you).

It features an underground dungeon, Jenedusil's Shrine, occupied by a few bandits, which immediately get devastated by several Ferocious Sparks which teleport in when you approach the main room. The main room includes two Skyshards; choose and absorb one to receive a large amount of allegiance.

The Ferocious Sparks cannot be killed directly, but activating the Statue of Mnethm engages its eye beams, which periodically blast the area under your crosshairs as long as you stay in the room. Use this ability to kill all four Ferocious Sparks and receive the Trine Bolt spell.


This quest is received when you use Force Grip or Force Lightning to levitate a target in the air for 12 seconds. After throwing a target at the end of its duration, you have 3 seconds to grab the target again to continue the streak. Once you have received the quest, find a target and levitate it for 30 seconds using Force Grip or Force Lightning to receive the Twinkle in the Sky ability.


This quest is received after using Dark Telekinesis to pick up 25 Umbral Orbs in battle. Do the same thing again and you receive the Contempt for the Weak ability.



Right hand: Starfire (50 damage)
Left hand: Redshift (30 damage and blinds vision for 3 seconds)

At a random amount of Health, casts: Spell Raider - "Oblivion!"
(unlearns the spells in your left and right hand for 90 seconds)

At 25% Health, casts: Burn to Dust - "What was, is and will forever be!"
(deals 15 damage to Health and Magicka for 20 seconds)

-- ASTETU --

Right hand: Rod of Power (55 damage)
Left hand: Spell Clash (20 damage, deals 70 bonus damage and interrupt if you are charging a spell)

At 75% Health, casts: Bedazzle - "Behold!"
(disables the ability to open the menu or use hotkeys for 30 seconds)

At 50% Health, casts: Sentinel - "Ashes and dust!"
(the Rod of Power nearest your position fires 10 damage flares at a rapid rate)

At 25% Health, casts: White Hole - "Creation's light!"
(follows you for 6 seconds, then spawns an exploding galaxy; sprint, don't run, out of range)


Right hand: Umbral Orb (55 damage)
Left hand: Spell Clash (20 damage, deals 70 bonus damage and interrupt if you are charging a spell)

At 75% Health, casts: Negasphere - "Stare into the abyss!"
(follows you at a slow pace for 30 seconds, but deals massive damage on impact)

At 50% Health, casts: Critic Mark - "Kneel before me!"
(disables your health, magicka and stamina bars and the radar for 30 seconds)

At 25% Health, casts: Umbral Barrage - "Power overwhelming!"
(deals 20 damage and launches all nearby Umbral Orbs at you, each dealing 20 damage)