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Edited level-lists of major mods to support Morrowloot.

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Mods Supported Quick Reference:
OBIS Redone V1.00 (updated version)
OBIS V1.61g
Warmonger Armory V1.2 (with Clothing & clutter fixes support) (has naked necromancer bug that needs fixing, so use with this caveat at the moment.)
Lore Weapon V2.7
High Level Enemies - SIC edition 1.6a
Weapons & Armor Remade Complete Plus Version V4.0
Skyrim Redone V1.03.1 (both the original and the fix update versions)
Immersive weapon V1.5
CCOR_SkyRe_Patch & CCOR_IW_Patch V1.6


27/May/2014 I have updated OBIS Redone only (sorry for those that only use OBIS, its a lot of work to support both at the same time.) I have found that there are a TON of loot added by OBIS and especially OBIS Redone that is way overpriced. I have brought these down to Morrowloot acceptable levels without removing them, as these I think add flavor to the OBIS Bandits and can be collectible for those that want to find all these in-game. I am still testing, so more changes are likely.

26/May/2014 OBIS and OBIS Redone Supported. Note that these are currently completely experimental, there are certainly a few high level boss items remaining for OBIS Redone, but OBIS should be okay-ish. Will need testing to know. Recommend users to NOT pick up OBIS Redone's named weapons to ensure Morrowloot integrity, but these should be very few and very far between.

25/May/2014 Fixed a couple errors with 2 Sublist entries that was referring to levellists that no-longer existed, these were accidentally deleted during my very first edits when I didn't quite know the affect of deleting levellist entries would cause. Fortunately the deleted levellists are both daedric/ebony related and will not cause issues. I have fixed the CCOR_IA7_Patch.esp from Gruffy that has some errors in it. This file has nothing to do with Morrowloot Support, I've added it because it maybe useful for those that use this CCOR & IA7 patch. I have fixed the errors in it, so now you can merge this patch with others. I have made one more observation: Despite eliminating all instances in the LevelLists Draugrs can still spawn with high-level equipment very occasionally. I don't think this is a levellist issue so there isn't much I can do about it. Just thought I will let you all know. It doesn't break Morrowloot in any severe way in any case as its very rare.

21/May/2014 Realized that I uploaded the incorrect version of the Lore Weapon Expansion Replacement Esp. The old one doesn't work! This new one should work fine! All users of the old version must update to this version.

20/May/2014 Added support to CCOR_SkyRe_Patch & CCOR_IW_Patch V1.6 by Gruffys, so that these patches don't reintroduce daedric recipes back into the game. Thanks to Pieron for pinpoint the issue. Reuploaded a version of SkyRe_Main.esp that I made a few more edits on and gotten rid of another leak.

20/May/2014 Due to popular demand, I have made OBIS support. Enjoy.

19/May/2014 Removed some of the remaining high-level items from immersive weapons still lingering around and also re-priced some of the bows to be more in line with its damage output (not sure if these edited prices will actually stick in-game though). Also removed daedric crafting from both immersive weapons & SkyRe-Main.esp

16/May/2014 I will be making a patch version of the Warmonger Armory that will bring forth Clothing & Cutter Fixes (CCF) for those of you that are using both. (A little beyond the scope of this mod, but I will keep everything together here for convenience.). DONE! You can use this version even if you don't use CCF with no problems. Remember to add the relev/delev bash tag to this mod or you will get naked necromancers in your game... unless that's thing of course...

15/May/2014 Warmonger Armory V1.2 supported. All credits go to batmanna for the mod, no textures or meshes are uploaded here, only the truncated level-lists. You still need to download the Warmonger Vanilla, DLC & LevelList for this to work. Just replace the LevelList esp with this one. All high level items made from ore > orc removed, but kept all cloth based high-level items which is much of the mod's essence.

11/May/2014 Lore Weapon V2.7 Support added. High Level Enemies - SIC edition 1.6a Support added. The latter requires DB, DG & SIC installed. Added a minor fix of the patched SkyRe_Main.esp file that leaked a little high-level arrows. Added support for Weapons & Armor Remade Complete Plus Version V4.0

10/May/2014 Evening Update: I have added a file that supports the Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patches Update file changes. Must go to their page at the SkyRe Compatibility and Reproccer Patches page to see installation instructions. I have done nothing but edited the level-lists.

10/May/2014 Great news, that is an effort been made at the moment to handplace items from immersive armor and weapons morrowloot style and also "fix" some of the easy to get to items in morrowloot itself! I will keep you updated of its progress as I find out.

8/May/2014 Made a Lore Weapon Expansion Replacement esp as well, so you no longer need to run another esp to patch this to work with morrowloot. Getting permission for posting now. Let me also direct you all to where we are creating a pack that implements more than Morrowloot changes to make for a tighter Skyrim experience never experienced before.

6/May/2014 Skyrim Redone Support uploaded too, say a big thanks to T3nd0 for permission. Updated my immersive weapon patch, deleting a few left over items I missed, it should be the final version, the only if's and but's is I left in "wicked dagger" not really sure if it was orcish or not. No big deal either way.


Here are replacement esp files for immersive weapons and Skyrim Redone (and the forementioned mods in the summary above) that support Morrowloot's truncated level lists. I have removed all instances of high level loot from the replacement esps. Except where its appropriate, like orcs using orcish weapons and elves using elven weapons (but not glass).

I have done this for Immersive weapon and Skyrim Redone, Hothtrooper44 and T3nd0 both have been troopers that they are and have given me permission to post their esp replacement for V1.5 of Immersive Weapons and V1.3.01 of Skyrim Redone's SkyRe_Main.esp, but as time goes by I will add more support as listed above.

I took liberties in deciding what constitutes a high level weapon in immersive weapons (and other mods supported here in the future) to delete from the level lists and I think I have managed to remove anything orcish/elven equivalent and upwards from the mod. The blocked items are still craftable if your version of Morrowloot supports crafting or you are using Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade and load that after Morrowloot. Remember to remove the delev/relev tag from CCOR and make a bash patch or it's level list will reintroduce high-level items back into your game. This mod should work with all versions of Morrowloot.

My patches will always require the original mod to work as I will not include any of the meshes and textures here.

1) Install Immersive weapons V1.5 and/or Skyrim Redone V1.3.01 and/or other supported mods see update section and Morrowloot (any version you like)
2) Replace version 1.5 of immersive weapon.esp and/or Skyrim Redone's V1.3.01's SkyRe_Main.esp with my replacement(s) and run bash to make a patch. Easy as that.


Can you patch up Immersive Armors, Jaysus Swords and Bandolier as well?
No need! Immersive Armor's distribution can be controlled via its own MCM menu, just go in there and deselect the armors that shouldn't be distributed. As for Jaysus Swords and Bandolier; if you use CCOR (complete crafting overhaul remade), both their distribution can be turned OFF via the MCM as well, for the latter it isn't as perfect a solution as for IA because you can't choose to partially distribute some of the swords that aren't high level.

Why are there still high level items spawning in my game?
Because there is another mod in your load-order that is reintroducing high level items back into the game when you make a bash patch. Those mods need to be uninstalled or patched. For example Skyrim Redone include many weapons and armors, without a patch for it many high level loot will still show up in your game, defeating the purpose of morrowloot.

I am sure that there are no other mods active that is causing this high level item to spawn in my game?
Please report to me the mod you think is introducing the errant item(s) and I will double check. I am a one man team and the editing is rather monotonous so missing one or two edits is all too easy to do. Many of my version updates are from me playing the game myself! Do note down exactly from whom or where you got the loot from, knowing it was a vendor, orc, draugr, chest will make a difference and also what level were you at when you found the item may help narrow things down as well.

Aside from crafting, can the blocked weapons & armors be found in-game like in Morrowloot and vanilla high level items?
No, as I have not the know how to hand place these modded items into the game. But if anyone out there has the know-how contact me. Now that these patches are made, its just a matter of dropping one of each of the remaining weapons in a lore-friendly way around town. That doesn't sound too hard.

Will you patch such and such a mod?
Maybe, if I like the mod and the mod author doesn't mind me posting his mod up here.

Will you make patches for the updates of a mod you support?
Maybe, if I am around and still playing Skyrim.

Special Thanks goes to Dreadflopp for his guidance and wisdom and of course JobVanDam, Indigoblade, Gruffys, Batmanna, Xathra, kryptopyr, Dalquist InsanitySorrow & Hothtrooper44 & T3nd0 for their amazing mods and tireless efforts and Caithe for the original Morrowloot and also Nofumasa for Morrowloot 4E.