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Replaces boring Vanilla Jewelry with custom meshes
-Ten FInger Ring System
-Both Genders
-Weight slider

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One thing that always annoyed me about the Vanilla jewellery was that every item basically looked the same even though you could have had a ton on variation. This mod changes exactly that by replacing every mesh for gold and silver jewelry with my custom ones. Every gemstone combination got a more or less unique look so it it now gives you some variety in your visaul appearance.

Update to 1.5 -----Read This First-----

What you get from v1.5

merged .esp

only Replacer or Standalone from now on

New Ten Finger Ring System

You can now wear up to 10 rings at once. Each Ring can be worn on any finger you like.
No forging. No waste of bodyslots. No hassle. Custom names and Enchantments will be carried kept when switching.
The Left Index Rings will use Bodyslot #60 The Normal RIngs will use the standard Slot. All other Rings are Slotless.

To switch fingers:
- open your inventory
- select the desired ring and hold the right mouse button
- a menu will open up you can now choose your desired position

Slotless Rings may not show up directly after equipping or when equipping multiple items at once.
To solve this simply re-renter your inventory and/or re-equip your rings seperately.

Extended Color Variations

Adds missing color combinations such as Diamond Necklace, Gold Sapphire Necklace, Silver Emerald Ring, etc.

Hold Signets

You can obtain Signet Rings as a quest reward for becoming a thane. Each Hold gets it's own item.
Each Ring gets a unique enchantement as a bonus. Also uses the new switch menu.


Contains Bracelets for every gemstone/metal combination.
Use the new switch mechanic to switch from left to right and back
Left arm Slot #56, right arm #54


Every Item in this Stack is meant to be obtained ONCE via either crafting or quest reward.
They come in unenchanted.

- Dovahkiin Pendant: Craftable after 'The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller' quest.

- Dragon Pendant: Craftable at Skyforge after defeating Alduin.

- Crystal Skull Pendant: Craftable after the 'Innocence Lost' quest.

- Oblivion Pendant: Craftable with deadric smithing perk but only once.

- Savos Aren's Amulet: This just replaces one of the Jewelry pieces you obtain through the mage quest line.

Every Item in this stack replaces Vanilla Items with new models.
If you use the standalone versions these items can be obtained by forging the default vanilla items into the new ones.
For some items you also need to put the Standalone Smithing Instructions in you inventory.

- Madesi's Ring
- Muiri's Ring
- Ring of Pure Mixtures
- Silverblood Family RIng

- Moon Pendant
- Silvertusk Pendant
- Silver/Gold Horseshoe Pendant
- Silver/Gold Sapphire Pendant

Reduced Crafting Menu Clutter

To reduce the clutter you now need to have 'Smithing instructions' inside your inventory to craft certain items.
Multiple paper notes wich can all be crafted at the tanning rack.

- Standalone Instruction --> enables standalone items and some uniques.
- Color Variation Instructions --> enables to craft the missing color combinations
- Bracelet Instructions --> Bracelets


1. Remove any files prior to v1.5 if you are updating.
2. Save your Savegame without the mod enabled.
3. Copy the files over to your /Data folder
4. Enable .esp in SkyrimLauncher
5. Install favorite texture replacer (optional -comes with own textures)

I recommend Jewels of the Nord or New generic rings wich look really good with my mod.


It should be compatible with everything known so far. Including Gemling Queen Jewelry and Left Hand Rings.
Just install the Standalone Version if needed.
Leveled lists are contributed via script so no merging needed.

Bracelets and Left Hand Rings will not show up in 1st Person by default.
Follow this Guide to make the Bodyslots visable.

Thanks to idanby and misalen for showcasing.



A: It is

Make sure to leave feedback in the comments section and have fun playing.


Big thanks to
Saerileth for her Gemstone textures and her support.
UNI00SL for her ring textures.
duggelz for LHR and his scripts.
gedocks1217 for taking care of stuff i am too lazy to do myself.
Forteverum fot he idea and the script for the switch menu

Due to recent events i no longer allow use of my files without my consent.
If you want to use my files in your own mod get my permission first.
You can upload to other sites.