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Reyda, a strong female follower with a detailed back-story.

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Update! 9/5/14

Thanks to Diethardt and SkyrimKnight2013 I am very pleased to be able to offer a selection of war paints for download for Reyda. For more information please read my sticky post.

“This book is written in blood. Its words are the scars, the deep cuts that I have endured and have dealt out to the ones who began this. Its pages are the flesh I have torn. Its spine the bones that I have shattered and crushed. Each time I open this book it will be to report another has died. It is my journal of murder, my record, and it still has many pages as yet unwritten.”

Reyda is my second follower (after Morgen ) and again an attempt by me to create a realistic and believable follower who fits into the world of Skyrim. Reyda is beautiful but strong, grown tough quickly to survive the terrible events which have propelled her on her bloody quest for revenge. Reyda has recorded her search for ‘The Traveler’ in her journal, her Book Of Blood, which you will find in her inventory.

“I have steel enough for every one of you. Cling to the light, for when you close your eyes tonight it will be the last time.”

When you first meet Reyda please take some time to sit with her and read her journals. I hope you find her story to be engaging and exciting. It is the result of several months of development and writing. It is a detailed and, at times, brutal origin story. I recommend setting aside an hour to be able to read the full story in one sitting.

“They came to our village at night. Wrapped tight in the thick cover of darkness. No one knew they were there until it was too late.”

Reyda wields her Father’s Blade, a Skyforge Steel Greatsword, and she will level with you (from level 10 through to 50).

While she’s not one for stealth she does have the Light Foot perk so will not set off traps as the two of you adventure.

Reyda has a custom class and skills which reflect her journey. Her perks include Barbarian, Juggernaut and Deep Wounds.

I highly recommend using her with UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii) in order to get the most out of Reyda.

Reyda's long and bloody journey has led her to Bleak Falls Barrow. You'll find her in the Inner Sanctum cutting her way through the dead that walk there.

I very much hope you enjoy having Reyda join you on your adventures. I welcome feedback and screenshots. If you enjoy adventuring with her please endorse her so that others can find her too. I have other followers that I am working on, each with individual back stories so I’d love to hear what you make of Reyda.

At present Reyda is not custom voiced. This is because I still have not found the perfect voice for her and as a feature director I would not release her with a substandard voice over. If you, or someone you know, is interested in auditioning for Reyda please feel free to get in touch with an audition.

Video by Sloth. Thank you very much!

My respect and great thanks to:

Cabal for allowing me to use your fantastic Steel Plate Armor and Skyforge Steel Greatsword retextures. They add a level of realism that Reyda would not have had without them. Thank you! aMidianborn Book Of Silence by Cabal and the AMB team

Apachii for allowing me to once more use your excellent hair when creating Reyda. Thank you! ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

Maevan2 for allowing me to use what I think is by far the best and most realistic skin texture for Skyrim. Thank you! Mature skin texture and body for UNP CBBE ADEC by Maevan2

Daniel Coffey for bringing Reyda’s journal to life with your excellent texture work. Thank you! Book Covers by Daniel Coffey

LogRaam for allowing me to use your amazing textures for Reyda’s eyes. Thank you! The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Diethardt for making Reyda all the more badass with his Battle Hardened War Paints! Thanks mate!

SkryrimKnight2013 for allowing me to use his excellent Female Warpaints. Thank you!

Xenius for Reyda’s scars. It’s been a brutal journey for Reyda and her scars are a testament to that. Thank you! Gizmodian Scars by Gizmodian and Xenius

Dimon99 for the excellent DIMONIZED UNP female body Thank you!

Nightskia and Diethardt for your support, advice and amazing screenarchery. I very much appreciate the help and work you both put into helping me with Reyda.

Pangallosr – Thank you very much for your feedback throughout Reyda’s beta test.

Steff (hitman78) and Guckykai for Beta testing Reyda.

Wanako for allowing me to continually Beta test your fantastic La Profeta preset! Many of my shots were taken with the La Profeta WIP ENB Preset by Wanako. Wanako on Flickr

Thanks to all my friends on Flickr for their support and feedback!

Bethesda for a fantastic, inspiring game.

Please check out my other follower Morgen

Amongst other bits I’m the writer and director of The Possession Of David O’Reilly. For more info on my work please visit my website