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Last updated at 20:09, 7 May 2014 Uploaded at 2:16, 4 May 2014

This is an updated port from an armor mod originally developed by Nexxon on the oblivion-nexus and inspired by the "Sorceress Robes" from Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning.

When I was playing oblivion this was one of my favorite armors, and had all but forgotten about it until recently when I indulged my nastalgiac fancy and ventured once more into the realms of oblivion.

This mod contains new updated textures assembled entirley from scratch and as with most of my
other mods I will be making the resource files available for those who wish to to make personal
edits ect.

While developing the textures for this mod I tried to stay true to the original armors look and overall feel out of respect to nexon and his stellar contributions to the Oblivion modding community.

At present there are two versions of this armor, both of which are available through any forge in skyrim.

The un-enchanted version is....un-enchanted, with an armor rating equivalent to that of the Leather armor set.

The enchanted version has the same armor rating and is imbued with several effects aimed primarily at magic users

Un-zip and copy/paste the contents of the "data" folder to the skyrim data directory.

Same goes for the optional low-res texture pack.

At present this mod is only compatible with CBBE bodies

The armors can be crafted at any forge under the Misc section

or can be found in a barrel under the bridge, just inside whiterun.

As prieviously stated the unenchanted version has the same stats as
the leather armo, the enchanted version however has the following buffs:

Cuirass - increase magicka by 70 points
Crown - 10% buff to all schools of magick
Braces - while blocking, raise ward which reflects up to
50 points of magickal damage
Boots - regenerate magicka 100% faster

There is a small gap where the skirt meets the belt that appears during
some animations.

As I am not certain weather this issue is universal or unique to my game
(I am ruuning a lot of mods) I haven't made any effort to fix this.

If this proves to be common issue though, I will work to correct the problem.

As far as I know this is the only bug I've encountered. If you find any that I missed
leave a comment or send a message and get around to it as soon as possible.

Mortenhoward - for the ported meshes, I suck at modeling and this mod wouldn't be possible
without Mortens work.

Nexxon - for the original mod and all assets contained therein.

Bethesda - for the game