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Simple recolour of the map & hud markers, Two versions to choose from, works with SkyUI 5.1 and DLC's

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Colour Map Markers - SkyUI 5.1 Compatible

Simple recolour of the map & hud markers, I couldn't find one I was entirely happy with and decided to make my own (Thanks to xEightballx and his tutorial)

Updated for SkyUI 5.1

Main file requires SkyUI 5.1
Added optional version for users who don't use SkyUI

DLC compatable

Install / Uninstall with NMM

There's 2 map versions to choose from with the included installer (thanks again to xEightballx)
Simple - Major towns & palaces are blue, quest markers green, current position orange
Multi - Various colour groups, similar grouping to XunAmarox Colored Map Markers

Thanks to
EzEs -Colored Map Markers
XunAmarox Colored Map Markers

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