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Instantly teleport to any location in sight.

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Instantly teleport to any location in sight.

More than 20,000 users have been blown away by my very first mod
Steam 5 Star Rated since 2012
Featured on Gamespot's TOP 5 MODS OF THE WEEK and many other sites


  • Instant cast; no charge time.
  • Cast with either hand.
  • Cast with your voice and keep your hands free.
  • Absolutely rock solid, fast and reliable code. Stable and unchanged since 2012.
  • Super useful for getting out of tight spaces and exploring otherwise inaccessible areas.

Where to Find It

Hidden high in the Arcanaeum is a powerful tome that will teach you the Blink Teleport spell. This power was lost to the ages but it is your if you can find it and figure out how to get it. Some would urge you to be careful wielding such amazing powers. I say "go nuts!" You WILL get into insanely fun/dangerous situations. Probably die dozens of times AND have the time of your life!


  • None! Just basic Skyrim


  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • Not known to conflict with any other mod. Any load order works.

Game Safe

  • Adds no scripts to objects.
  • Safely and easily remove at any time (You just won't want to.)

Keywords: blink, teleport, zap, jump, flash

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