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"Manna from heaven" will keep you alive, but "Ambrosia from Valhalla" will make you thrive!

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The gods have finally graced you with a taste of their heavenly delicacies. They have sent down from the Asgardian grange hall, Valhalla, the very recipes of their own sustenance ... Or maybe Loki smuggled it to Tamriel, thinking it would funny to give a mortal near-godlike abilities through digestion... Either way; The food of the gods is now here: Ambrosia!

This mod adds 3 new craftable food items called:
- Ancient Ambrosia
- Sovngarde Ambrosia
- Aedric Ambrosia


I hope whoever downloads my mod will find it useful in their questing.

Due to the fact that this mod doesn't alter any existing content, there should be no problems. But considering this is my first uploadable Skyrim mod, amature complications may be present; if anything goes wrong, please let me know, and I'll fix it if I know how.

The only problem I've had in the initial versions of this mod were that some of the effects (Movement Speed, Carry Weight) didn't return to normal after the effects had ended. (If this bug is still present, please let me know.)

-Solution 1: Open the console and type "dispelallspells" (without quotes). That should fix it. If not, use 'Solution 2".

-Solution 2: Use the console to change the affected Actor Values to their respective defaults. If you don't know how to do that, look here:

-EDIT: As of 1.2, the Carry Weight and Movement Speed buff effects have been removed completely, to fix this glitch.

- Skyrim 1.9

I don't forsee any updates to this mod in the near future; it's pretty much done (unless something is wrong with it that needs to be fixed).

Q: "I've installed it. Now, how do I craft it?"
A: Go to the Cooking Pot, and the recipe should be there. It *is* food, after all.

Q: "Will it work with the official DLC's?"
A: Yes. I personally have all of them via the Legendary edition, but I made this mod non-reliant on them so that anyone could use it.

Q: "Will this mod conflict with any other mods?"
A: See "CONFLICTS" above. (Reading ahead is good, but reading everything is better.)

Do not edit or redistribute this mod without asking for author's permission first, and not at all without crediting the original author "vaanatffxii" or "Alaester Nikolai Modern" (same person), and finally, you must distribute the URL linking back to this mod.

vaanatffxii - Alaester Nikolai Modern - Author.
{A special thanks to real Ambrosia; for being sooooo tasty! ~ :) ~}