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2 ECE Saves made for Male Nords. I made it for my own tastes.

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My very first upload. These are 2 ECE save slots that I made to create a rather JRPG-looking male character. It uses slots 23 and 24 of the ECE.

Slot 23 (I call him FF) is based on the guy in the cover of Final Fantasy XIV. I tried my best to recreate his face, but still nothing as close to it. Let's just say Slot 23 is more fantasy and anime-ish.

Slot 24 (I call him DW) is based on various characters on Dynasty Warriors. He is more of the asian-looking type.

Both saves are based on Nord Race, it might look different if used on other races (Imperial, Breton, Redguard, Orc, Elves, Custom Races)

The face texture I used is Pretty Face for Men by tktk (it may look different when used on other face textures)

DW's (slot 24) hair is from Apachiihair for Males by Apachii

FF's (slot 23) hair is actually a personal conversion of mine from the sims made by lapiz lazuli (which I do not plan to release since my mesh rigging in the head is quite crappy) Don't worry, ECE prioritizes ONLY the face sliders and vertices, the rest (hair, eyes, brows, etc.) would be pretty much random since it relies on what activated mods you have and your load order so, NO PROBLEM AT ALL)

To install, just drop the contents on your CME_save directory (DocumentsMy GamesSkyrimCME_save)

If you already have a save in slot 23 and 24 of your ECE, you can change the number in the file names (e.g. _23_commonTriRaces.slot, change 23 to another number that you haven't used yet).


Enhanced Character Edit by tktk , of course (and the rest that is needed for ECE to work, just check the mod)


Pretty Face by tktk1 (choose the one for men)

The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

Brows by lthot

Better Males by Chris57 (for better tintmasks)

tktk1 - Enhanced Character Edit, Pretty Face
LogRaam - Eyes of Beauty
lthot - Brows
Apachii - Apachiihair
Chris57 - Better Males
asianboy345 - Tera armor conversions (used in screenshots)