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A beautiful flying island home, Without any silly load screens.

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a fully exterior home situated atop a flying island in front of Skyrims best waterfalls (above darkwater pass, east and not far from the throat of the world, just follow the river). no load screens no hassle. plenty of storage(every container on the island is non respawning) beautiful views all around, fully navmeshed, has a single interior cell with some "paintings" just for fun. the second floor/balcony includes a blacksmith anvil, workbench, tanning rack, sharpening wheel and a small garden.
inside the house has several weapon racks and a few shield plaques as well

above the house on the watch tower you will find an enchanting and alchemy table.

to get to the island you take a long bridge guarded by three very stupid wizards check the images for the picture of the road

*******The last three images i posted are of the tropical skyrim version*********


I also suggest using the mod [realistic aspen trees] for more colorful trees

I would also like to know who keeps marking all my work as "not safe for work" someone doesnt like me :(