Breezehome Mines by Batophobia
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Added: 29/04/2014 - 03:55AM
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This mod adds mines to your house in Breezehome. There are 4 veins of each type and I have also added in a smelter, furnace, armor bench, sharpening wheel, enchanting table, and more. Also 3 chests added in the mines for you to store anything you wish. There is also a dwarven dresser which replenishes dwarven items for smelting and a wooden dresser that replenishes 12 of each ingot. There has also been an addition of an alchemy section that contains a chest full of ingredients that replenishes. The pull chain is what replenishes all the containers and resets things that are out of place(i.e. fallen torches).

NOTE: Any chests/dressers that contain items (i.e. the dwarven dresser, ingot dresser, and alchemt chest) respawn so DO NOT use them for storage or you may lose your items.

---Current Patches---
1. Work on pull chain resetting the ores.

---Possible Updates---
1. Blacksmith apron
2. Mannequins
3. Re-locking chests

---Latest Revision---
1. Removed insects.

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