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A simple mod that applies jimtownirish's TrueEyes mod to all three Elven races. Requires TrueEyes.

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This is a very simple mod that applies jimtownirish's excellent TrueEyes mod to all three Elven races. Requires TrueEyes. The eye textures themselves are not altered--as you can see from the MS-Paint-ified banner, I'm not much of an artist--the only difference is you can now select them for Elves as well as Humans.

Download TrueEyes HERE

I originally made this partly for my own use, and partly as a learning exercise for myself. I noticed a few people on the TrueEyes page had requested something like this, so I decided to upload it in case others might find it useful.

None that I know of. In theory this should be compatible with basically anything--it modifies no existing records, it only adds some new eye options. It's certainly going to be compatible with anything TrueEyes is compatible with.

Just put the file in your Skyrim data folder, or use NMM. Make sure you also install TrueEyes.

Load Order:
You might as well put it right after TrueEyes.esp, but it should probably work anywhere. Use BOSS or LOOT if you aren't sure where TrueEyes.esp should go.

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True Brows by JimtownIrish
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
RaceMenu by Expired
CharGen Extension by Expired (add morphs)
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team (alternative to RaceMenu & CharGen morphs)

jimtownirish, for creating TrueEyes and for his kind permission to post this. Any errors or omissions in this mod are entirely my own.

Also thanks to Mator, whose Automation Tools for TES5Edit was indispensable in making this.