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Hello, guys!

This is my new house mod which actualy appears to be a basement!

It's part of the "In my Time of Need quest", and gives you -in addition to the normal reward of 500 gold pieces- a key to Saadia's hideout/safe room, where she was able to hide when the Alik'r Warriors would come close to finding her. The hideout is beneath the basement, which is also added by the mod. It can be found in the northeast edge of The Bannered Mare.

With my latest update i added a key for those who like to access the hideout, without doing the whole questline, just search the basement and find the key, its not too hard to find! ;)

To enter, you will have to search for a mechanism to open a hidden entrance. You'll also need the key from Saadia to open the trapdoor to the room or find it as mentioned above.

Saadia and Hulda made it comfortable and cozy for you, so that you can store items, practice your alchemy, have a bed to sleep in, and even 2 mannequins to place your armor on!

When you first enter, the hideout is extremely dark, so you'll need a torch or light spell. But you can find and light 4 torches in the room. They can be a challenge to find, as they are well-hidden on the walls.

My intention with this mod was to tie it in with the story, to add some reasonable immersion,

The things you can find in the mod will be useful, but not overpowered.

The room is basic, a beginner's house; you won't live forever in this basement! But it is a proper room to start off with, for conveniently storing your belongings. (I was looking for a realistic solution to obtain a home early on without having to buy one.)

The trash basket can't be used for storing items! It re-spawns so that you can use it to get rid of items you don't want anymore, and don't want to bother selling.

For storing your items, there is a chest, an alchemy satchel, and a barrel. 

(MAXIMUM SPOILERWARNING) Following Video is a part of a let 's play by Reesha, the mod is be shown at timecode 19:44 (MAXIMUM SPOILERWARNING)



Skyrim + latest updates

The indoor-banners are slightly moving which i find a little bit unsatisfying. But i try to solve this problem, as far as if finde the solution.

The opening-mechanism isn 't perfect, because i don 't realy know how to use nifscope, but it works. Further updates may also fix this problem.

I hope you enjoy this mod! If you do, please don't forget to endorse or comment if you like. I appreciate it!

Please tell me if you find any bugs. Saadia should provide a little information about giving you the key. If it doesn't work for you, please tell me, and I'll do my best to fix it.

For more "Desti-fied" mods, have a look here on the Nexus or in my Steam workshop:

TAMIRA, for helping me with nifscope.

Tamiras mods

REESHA, for correcting my english! Here you 'll find her lets-play channel, have a look, she 's good!

Reeshas let 's play

YOU, for downloading and hopefuly endorcing

BETHESDA, for this amazing game!

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