No Pauldrons for DragonScale Armor by Cambion
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Added: 27/04/2014 - 03:34PM
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I checked. I can't make a male version, as there pauldrons are not really on top of the armor but part of it. If I would delete it, I would leave holes you can look trough. However a male texture will be added so males no longer have brown boots and gloves but green armor.

I always hated those pauldrons on the DragonScale armor, makes it look heavy instead of light. So I deleted them :).

This one is an edited file from Exeters UNP armor, however, as it covers the entire body, you can use it with any body mod. It is also female only, on request, I might be able to make a male version too, but I only play female myself, and it was made for personal use...

What does it do and how does it work:
This mod will delete the pauldrons on the female DragonScale armor with use of Alpha textures. This takes care that you need as well my re-texture as the included meshes. Retexture is a alpha-layered version of the High Definition texture pack with brown scales instead of green, the bigger scales are still the same color as vanilla (I felt that the green made me look like an Argnonian). The mesh is edited to recognize Alpha Channels, any other mesh will still show the pauldrons and only have the brown instead of green.

Very nice, but I like the pauldrons, can I only use the brown texture?
Yes you can, just don't install the meshes that come with it, the textures are completed re-textured. The parts that become invisible are also made brown.

This one is UNP shaped, will you make a [insert bodyshape here] version?
No, this was made as personal mod and I rather use UNP above all others. However this mod will work with any other body mod, only thing is it chances the shape when wearing it. There will NOT be any texture or clipping issues ^^.

Okay, all good, but I don't like the brown...
You are free to recolor the textures or edit the original one with an Alpha Channel. To create the Alpha Channel I just first saved the textures as a DTX3 or DTX5, close it and open it again, Alpha should be there, make the pauldrons black and you're done. Don't forget you will still need my meshes :).
If you do this an upload it, pleas do credit me for the meshes.

I really really reaaaaly want it [insert bodymod here] shaped!
You can always try editing your most favorite mesh to work with these or any Alpha Layered textures. You'll need NifScope. Check this tutorial:
However, make sure you'll edit the setting like in the picture (see images tab). Click on the flag in front of 4844 to open this edit screen ^^.

Do I need [enter mod or plug-in name]?
No, this mod is a replacer that doesn't need anything else, however, the shoes of Exeters boot pack will fit nicely with it, as the original mesh is his. You can get it at his UNP armor and clothing pack. These meshes are not included, but vanilla meshes fit fine too :).

I think that's pretty much it :).
Pleas comment, and endorse if you like it :)