revert form makes you human_not a vampir_ fix by Khashitk
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Added: 26/04/2014 - 07:16PM
Updated: 04/03/2015 - 08:14PM

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i had an issue with vampire lord in my new game the Issue was that revert form made me a human, i got rid of any vampirism appearances. But i still could use all the skills, I even sometimes got recognized as a vampire by town NPC's. But all the Vampires in lord harkons castle told me that I've "lost the gift" and need to get it back. Yet the lord himself still s's me as a vampire..

so i created this it has two ways of curing that problem

the first one you just have to copy some files in you skyrim folder (not data folder) but you can't be a vampire lord for more than 5 mins (unstable plz save before becoming the vampire lord)

the second one is a .txt file that you have to copy to skyrim folder (again not data) and after you revert to heuman form type "bat 1" in console.

for the first one open the zip file that you downloaded copy all except the folder that says console to your skyrim directory (same place that you have tesv.exe)

for the 2nd one just copy the .txt file in the console folder in your skyrim directory(same place that you have tesv.exe) and after you revert type in console "bat 1"

hope it helps :)

and plz don't upload it in steam

p.s. i forgot to thank Kvalyr for Automatic Batch File Execution - ZAutoExec