Pahmar Khajiit Follower - Ra'Khari by Tae-Rai
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Pahmar Khajiit Follower - Ra'Khari

Ra'Khari is a Pahmar, one of the sixteen subraces of Khajiit. Little lore exists on them, so I decided to interpret them as just what the wiki says "The Pahmar is similar in appearance and size to a tiger."

This poor Khajiit was the guard for a new caravan heading to Falkreath. After resting, however, it seems his companions have disappeared. After waiting for a long time, he discovered their bodies and a dead sabrecat nearby, with a battleaxe embedded in it's head. So, now he waits, still guarding the caravan.

Ra'Khari speaks in the standard Khajiit tone, fights like a sabrecat and has a unique texture (see credits for details) and will behave as a normal human follower. He sometimes gets stuck in doorways and narrow passages, but giving him a little nudge will make him move. He is located at a new location named Pahmar Camp located in Falkreath Hold - See screenshots for map marker. You can fast travel there as soon as you load the mod and it also functions as a small player home with a few crafting stations, safe storage and a few beds.


Just download and drop the ESP into your data folder and the meshes and textures into their appropriate folders.
Or just use the NMM.
To uninstall, just remove the file.


Anything that doesn't change cells -21, -12; -12, -20; -11, -20 and -11, -20.

Anything that does change cells -21, -12; -12, -20; -11, -20 and -11, -20.

=====Permissions and Credits=====
This mod is not to be uploaded anywhere but the Skyrim Nexus. Please report to me if you see this anywhere else.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating a great game and letting us fiddle with it.
Full credit for the Sabrecat Tiger texture and meshes go to MuppetPuppet and GendumDrup from the Nexus Creature Resource mod.

Thanks for reading and check my page for more mods!