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A complete overhaul of the final boss of Skyrim, with new locations, enemies, attacks, all to make Alduin worthy of the title World Eater

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: I did not make this mod. Trainwiz offered me to upload it.

Let's face the facts, Alduin as a boss fight was an anticlimax to the max. By the time we faced down the foul wyrm, we were not only a walking tank, but flanked by three legendary glowy heroes. All he did was shout some meteors at us, and then we punched him, and then he exploded.
Alduin was, in short, disappointing. Let's fix that.
World Eater Beater is a boss fight overhaul similar in style to my Morrowind mod "Versus Vivec". It takes an existing boss, and actually makes them not suck.
"But trainwiz" you drool at me, "Don't ther be already mod what make the Alduin strong". Well the thing is, they usually just beef up his health and make his attacks ridiculously overpowered. That's not my goal. My goal is to completely rescript and redo Alduin into something worthy of the title of "World Eater".
So, the fight is now divided into five stages, each stage different in style from the last, with a host of new attacks, locations, and general world screwing-up.

-New sounds and effects for Alduin when you fight him.
-A complete overhaul of Alduin's final fight, with new locations, attacks, enemies, and horrifying amounts of death. Now, Alduin is divided into five stages:
-Stage 1: Similar to vanilla, except Alduin's melee attacks break holes in reality, there's a lot more meteors raining down on you, and his shouts split into smaller shouts (and so on).
-Stage 2: Alduin grows enormous, blasts away the other Dragonborns, and devours you. Now in his stomach, dodge stomach worms, half-digested enemies, and acid as you trudge through the previous kalpas he's eaten. To succeed, hit the glowing red bits scattered around the map.
-Stage 3: Alduin spits you out onto a now-eaten Sovngarde. Leap from broken island to broke island, as you shout incoming comets back into Alduin's face, and dodge his ice, fire, and force shouts that modify the very landscape you fight on.
-Stage 4: Beaten back, jump on Alduin and ride him as he re-enters the atmosphere, whacking away sensitive glowing parts as they appear, all while watching your footing and the incoming debris.
-Stage 5: Reality re-assembles itself, and Alduin is mad. With extra damage, but low health, finish off the World Eater once and for all!

Install it like any other mod, activate, and play.
I recommend loading a save from BEFORE you entered Sovngarde. Post-Sovngarde saves work I've found, but aren't as stable.
Please note this mod assumes you didn't cheat to reach Alduin, and many many portions of it will require the shouts you gained from the main quest!
You are also unable to reset the console if you're already beaten Alduin, so tough luck there.

Compatibility and notes
The mod is compatible with most dragon enhancement mods provided you load World Eater Beater last.
This mod modifies Alduin, Sovngarde, and the scripts of such, mods that modify these portions won't be compatible, and make sure to load World Eater Beater last, or problems will occur!
If you're stuck on a portion, either hit the glowy bits, or use Unrelenting Force on something!
This mod favors characters with shouts, it is a dragon battle after all! Characters with higher level shouts will find themselves at an advantage.

Fight Tips
Alduin damage does not scale but his most basic attack does about 100 damage.
Stage 1 behaves similar to the normal fight, but is MUCH harder. Bring potions and healing spells galore.
In Stage 1 and 5, Alduin's melee attacks do no damage, instead, you have five seconds to get clear after each one, or they will cause a damaging explosion.
In Stage 2, there are parts of his stomach with non-stomach bits. Here, glowing bits appear, and every sixty seconds they cycle between all four of these parts. Hit them, and they will do damage.
Also in Stage 2, the enemies cannot be damaged, focus instead on hitting Alduin's parts. Navigation can be made easier by swimming in his stomach acid, but you run the risk of taking damage from it.
In Stage 3, walking on bridges between areas causes Alduin to either ice them over, set them on fire, or destroy the bridges entirely. You can melt ice bridges with flames or fire breath, put out fires with ice breath, clear skies, or unrelenting force, and cross destroyed bridges with Whirlwind sprint.
In Stage 3, Unrelenting Force breaks the barriers that hold the other Dragonborns, and frees comet debris. Shouting again at comet debris when it is orbiting Alduin causes it to careen back into him, doing damage.
In general, during Stage 3, when in doubt, use Unrelenting Force at something!
In Stage 4, damage done to Alduin's sensitive bits determines his total health during Stage 5. The more bits you hit, the less health he has later on!

To Haishao and Bagserk, for sealing up some rocks and pulling the wings off Alduin
To Halofarm, for giving things a bit of lighting and making people who complain about the lore complain.
To Vicn, for digesting some skeletons and giving Alduin stomach worms.
To Martikainen, for alleviating the atmosphere somewhat.
To TESG, for testing, and Novajam, for sucking at testing.