Ravenrock Redoran Guard uniform variety mod by thordir
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Added: 22/04/2014 - 06:44PM
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Last updated at 18:44, 22 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 18:44, 22 Apr 2014

This mod is similar to my other two armor variety mods, Imperial Uniform mod, and my Stormcloak armor variety mod

Leveled lists formula

The formula used by me is as follows:
25% chance to have full armor, with helmet and shield
25% chance to have a helmet but no shield
25% chance to have a shield but no helmet
25% chance to neither shield nor helmet

To further decrease the feeling that all guards are clones, they will have a 30% chance of having one of the three bonemold cuirass variants (with pauldrons variant, without pauldrons variant and the guard variant, except for Glover Mallory's improved version).

I've also gave Lleril Morvayn a new, ore regal attire.


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