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A Great War Veteran - See the full backstory on the file page

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You can find this veteran at the solitude docks, near the shipping office

Cassius Varon born 7th Heartfire 4E 140 in Chorrol. He spent the first 16
years of his life working in his families mill just on the outskirts of the

On the 5th of Second Seed 4E 157 the farm was attacked by a group
of elven bandits who killed his family with no mercy. The leader of the
group was called Tumrenen Kaeuseus a man wanted all over Tamriel. His
group consisted of 4 other elves named Gilgonolemar Larethiath a skilled
archer, Halngoth Larethaen a half crazed mage, Faraloon Larethbinder
a master sword fighter and Hondntar Grayaen a very small assassin.

Cassius barely escaped but not with getting a scar down the right side of
his face from his brow to his lip but completely removed Tumrenen's left

Cassius travelled all of Tamriel in 3 years searching for the bandit
group who attacked the farm. He learned the group that attacked him were
called The Black Diamond Bandits and they only attacked people or places
in posession of black diamonds.

Cassius learned that black diamonds were nearly 10x times more valuable than normal diamonds and could be crafted
in a misty black armor that was near indestructable.

In his 3 years of searching, Cassius had heard rumors of a powerful Breton mage named
Celbard Maneiane. Cassius was intriuged by Celbard's ideas of prolonging
life to hundreds of years but keeping the body looking how it originally
looked at the time of the spell was cast.

Celbard needed just one thing for this spell to work and that was a black diamond. All of the black
diamonds belonged to the The Black Diamond Bandits. Cassius now had 2
good reasons to go after them. After he overheard a group of refugees
in a tavern in Wayrest talking about how a group of 4 high elves attacked
and took a valuable black gemstone off of them he decided to ask them
where this attack took place. They told him it had happened all the way
over in Mournhold in Morrowind.

Cassius told Celbard he had located a black diamond and was setting off to Morrowind to find it. After another 3 years of travelling to Morrowind he eventually wound up in Mournhold
where he began his search. To his surprise he found all 4 of them in
a tavern in Godsreach. They didn't recognise him so he used this to his
advantage. He poisoned Hondnthar which arroused suspicion and paranoia
grew between the remaining 4 elves.

All 4 of them went to the same room upstairs and barred the doors from the inside. To their disadvantage their room was located at the back of the tavern. In his 6 years of being
alone he had spent a great deal of time with the Wood Elves and Khajits
and learnt the most effective free running techniques in all of Tamriel.
Cassius climbed to the back window and opened it without anyone knowing.

He was about to strike when he realised that Tumrenen was wearing black
diamond armor and his entire body was protected with the exception of his
face. Cassius was wearing just simple black clothes, a black cape and a
hood with a facemask. Deciding it was only a matter of time before he was
seen, he struck with his steel longsword he acquired from his time spent
in Valenwood. He ran Gilgonolemar through with it killing him instantly.
Halngoth went in for a strike but missed giving Cassius the perfect time
to strike. He decapitated him. Faraloon tried climbing out of the window
but Cassius threw a knife at him sending him out of the Window onto the
ground dying.

Finally it was just him and Tumrenen. Turmenen went to stab
Cassius but he deflected it and disarmed him, but not before being disarmed himself. Cassius punched Turmenen as hard as he could knocking him back. Turmenen threw a punch at Cassius while wearing the black diamond gauntlets instantly getting Cassius to floor and stunning him.

Turmenen picked up Cassius and went to throw him out of the window to his death
when Cassius head butted him and kicked him in the jaw. Turmenen was on the
floor stunned.

Cassius grabbed his sword and plunged it deep into Turmenens
eye killing him dead. Cassius looted all of the corpses of the bandits
and sold all of their possessions giving him 5,678 gold. Cassius used
money to sail to Daggerfall and met up with Celbard giving him the
black diamond armor set.

Celbard used the armor to amplify the power of
the spell so it would grant near immortal life. As Celbard cast the spell
he felt weary and fell to his knees. He told Cassius that in order for the
spell to work he had to give his life. Celbard died and was buried outside
of Daggerfall with a unmarked grave.

It is now 4E 168 and Emperor Titus Mede the II has ascended to the throne.
Cassius has been living quietly for many years on his old families farm
which he rebuilt. Cassius heard rumors of war and joined the Imperial
Legion hoping his new found immortality could help if war was going to

On the 4E 171 the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion declared war. Cassius
was assigned to Leyawiin but shortly after that the city fell. He defended
Bravil before it fell to. He was sent off to Hammerfell. Him and other
Imperial troops are forced to retreat across the Alik'r Desert.
4E 174 the year the Imperial city is ransacked by the Almderi Dominion.
Cassius over the last 3 years had seen horros beyond his wildest dreams
and to this day he doe not talk about what happened between 4E 171 and
4E 174.

One year later on 4E 175 The Battle Of The Red Ring takes place and results
in a complete victory for the Empire. Cassius was fighting alongside
Emperor Titus Mede II.
Cassius was shocked to learn that the White-Gold Concordat was being signed
and very shortly after it was he went to the northen most reach on Skyrim
and settled there until he heard about Hammerfell leaving the Empire and
fighting the Aldmeri Dominion.

When 4E 176 rolls around Cassius had travelled all of Tamriel 3 times in
his entire life and he was only 36 but he still looked as if he was in his
early 20's. He left Hammerfell after the Aldmeri Dominion lost nearly a third
of their invasion force. He moved to Balmora in Vvardenfell and lived there

On 4E 201 Cassius heard that Ulfric Stormcloak killed the High king of
Skyrim and sent the land into a civil war. Cassius decided he would help
the Empire free Skyrim from this conflict so he set off to Skyrim. As
soon as he arrived in Skyrim he set off to Solitude and re-joined the
Imperial Legion and fought the Stormcloaks until he was badly injured
in the war. He decided he was going to leave the war alone as it was a
loast cause. A few weeks later he heard of a attack on Helgen and when
he learned who was responseable he didn't believe it. Then he heard
whispers of The Dragonborn returning which he didn't beleive either until
he met him....