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Game: Skyrim
Mod Name: Kamstead
Version: 1.7.3
Contact Info:
Author(s): Nart2007

Before installing ANY new version, I strongly recommend moving out all your personal belongings and items in containers and storing them somewhere safe OR keep them in your inventory and just use the tilde key (`) to open up the console and type "TGM" without the quotes. This way you can carry any amount without being overcumbered. Then save somewhere like Whiterun. Then uninstall the mod and load up your save game and make a "clean" save. Now exit the game and install the new version of the mod and proceed as usual. If you don't want to buy the house back, just open the console again and type "player.additem 0000000f 12500" without the quotes and it will give you the gold needed to purchase the home again. If you have things in the General Stores containers, you don't need to move those, as long as you keep General Stores installed. It is a universal system and keeps those items within your save game.

New in Version 1.7.3:

1) Added option for curtains on windows.

2) Interior tweaks to the lighting template. Also changed fireplace and forge lights so they are not so bright and non-shadow forming.

3) Reworked critter spawning (not so many...and very few bees - maybe 1 on each side of the house, with a max of two butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies).

4) Add an exterior "hole" that you can drop your Guild HQ Marker in, if you have the awesome mod, Guild Starter.

ALSO: See bottom of this description for links to the great texture mods I used to get my interior screenshots.


Kamstead is a moderate sized immersive player home styled like the Gray-mane home in Whiterun. It can be purchased for 12,500 gold using the For Sale Sign in the front (south side) of the home. It's located to the west of the Whiterun Stables on the path to the Whiterun Western Watchtower. It has a discoverable map marker.


Fully interactive lighting. Light rays and sunlight inside during the daytime. All candles, chandeliers, oven, fireplace, forge, etc. can be turned on and off individually. Plenty of bookshelves, potion racks, safe non-reswpaning containers and chests. There are 2 mannequins downstairs that are initially disabled, but can be turned on and off. CAUTION: Remove any items that you have equipped on the mannequins before you turn them off, or you will lose the items!
Fully nav-meshed for your family and followers.
At the moment, house does not "cooperate" with Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions mod (I am working on this), but it is fully compatible with Custom Family Home by VitchRazor.
Includes rooms for you (the owner), 2 children, a housecarl, wife and followers.
Plenty of furniture and idle markers for followers and family.
Training dummy against the wall in the basement is an activator type, so if you have Training Dummies by Training Dummies and Targets by B1gBadDaddy it will work with that.
3 levels - Upstairs, main level and basement.
Customized Kamstead Armor based on the dawnguard leather armor.

Cleaned with TES5Edit.


Skyrim (latest update v1.9.29.0), Hearthfires, General Stores. (There is also a non-General Stores version.) Hearthfires will always be required (sorry).


Use NMM or drop the Kamstead.bsa, and Kamstead.esp in your SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData folder.


Use NMM or delete the Kamstead.bsa, and Kamstead.esp in your SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData folder.

Future Updates:

Add an option for more clutter inside and out.

Known Issues:


Credits and Thanks To:

Berts Bits And Bobs:

Berts CK Tutorials:

Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource by Stroti and Tamira:

Modders Resource - Potion Racks by Ghaunadaur:

General Stores - Storage Resource for Packrats by Harvey2112:

Automatic Light Switch by M3rvin:

TesAlliance for help with switch scripts:

Tools Used:

Skyrim Creation Kit, NifSkope, Photoshop CS6, TES5Edit, LOOT, BSAopt x64, WryeBash

Current Mods Used:

To get the textures in the interior screens I posted, I use:
1) aMidianBorn Whiterun by CaBaL (Highly recommended - awesome textures!)
2) Furniture and Clutter - HD Retextures by Flumsy (Another excellent texture mod!)