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Added: 20/04/2014 - 05:48AM
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Last updated at 23:32, 20 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 5:48, 20 Apr 2014

Compatible with all follower mods as it is a simple BAT file with an ESP fix to make it permanent.

I use this mod on my mortal NPCs (not essential or protected) with Extensible Follower Framework and Populated Lands so I can recruit random NPCs such as Travelers, Merchants, Hunters and make them heal their wounds after combat.

This mod is simple: it makes any NPC you use it on regenerate health over time when they are not in combat.

To install:
Place both txt filse and esp in your Skyrim's Data Folder and enable AutoHeal.esp

To use:
Open up the console (~)
Click on the NPC or follower and type "bat autoheal" without the parentheses and hit enter.
If healing is too slow for you, I added a faster auto heal and just do "bat fasterautoheal" instead which is doubled.

The NPC should automatically regenerate his health over time after or if he is not in combat.

The default heal rate value for NPCs in the vanilla game who did have it is 0.7. Feel free to change the number in the bat files.