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Tired of boring enchantment effects ? this mod is for you. Adds animated effects to every weapon enchantment in the game

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  • Turkish
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First of all, I'm french, so i may have made some mistakes in this description (and in the mod itself), so sorry if my english is bad.

Second thing, this is my first mod, so sorry if there are any issues that i didn't notice. If there are some, please tell me in the comments, and i'll try to solve them.


This mod has three versions

-The first version is a replacer Mod, that changes all weapon's enchantments in the game, and give them one of the eight enchantment color. The visual effects are retextures the "elemental fury" shout effect. It also includes the standalone enchantments in dragonreach

-the second version adds only the standalone effects in dragonsreach, and changes Daedric artefacts enchants only, so that those animated efffects fell more "unique"

-the last version only adds 8 new standalone enchantments with visual effects in different colors.
the enchantments themselves are just copies of already existing enchantment in the vanilla game, but a little more powerful (equivalents to daedric artifacts). Once you get the enchanted weapons provided in the mod, you can desenchant them and use them on whatever weapon you want, it won't change the vanilla enchantments.

Also, there are optionnal versions with only the "aura", without the shade effect on the blade

This mod's only purpose is to add visual effects to your enchanted weapons, the enchantements themselves are nothing special.

One last thing, the visual effects are suposed to be used on melee weapons, it also looks good on crossbows, but if you use it on a bow, it'll only appear on the upper part.
It's not that ugly, but it feels weird...

~~~~~~~~EFFECTS AND COLORS~~~~~~~~

--Red : health drain
--Orange : fire damage
--Yellow : Undead's Bane
--Green : Stamina drain (also in replacer version : Paralise and stamina damage)
--Ice Blue : Well, Ice Damage
--Blue : Magic Drain (also in replacer version : Magic damage)
--Purple-Blue : Shock Damage (also in replacer version : Fear )
--Purple : Soul trap (also in replacer version : Banish daedra)

The visual effects only appears when you draw your weapon.

~~~~~~~~WHERE TO FIND~~~~~~~~

You can find an Urn inside Dragonreach, in the room where Farengar usualy is, with 2 iron swords for each enchantment.
When you enter the room, go on your left, it should be on the shelf that has silver plates and cups on it.
(look on the screenshots for more details)

Or if you don't want to go there, here are the console ID for each color's weapon:
Red : XX0012E2
Orange : XX0012E3
Yellow : XX0012E4
Green : XX0012E5
Ice Blue : XX0012E6
Blue : XX0012E7
Purple : XX0012E8
PurpleBlue : XX0012E9



Just instal it using NMM, or extract the archinve into your data folder, then check it in your mod list
Whatever the version you take, it doesn't need any other file to work


None, I hope.
No DLC needed, no new scripts...
There should be no problems unless you have a mod that change that specific place inside Dragonreach where the urn is.

Also, if you have mods that adds enchantments with new magic effects, you won't have the effects with those enchantments

~~~~~~~~TO DO LIST~~~~~~~~

-Make a french version
-Enchantments from DLSs
-add effects magic staff
-because a lot of people asked about that, i'll probably do a few more standalone version fit for bows and long swords
-i'm open to any suggestion


-V1.1b : -More translations

-V1.1 : -translated some things that were still in french
-Changed the Shock enchant colors
-Added undead's bane
-made a daedric weapons replacer
-made three versions, with options

-V1.0 : -Initial release

Also, you can check out Guilaster's recolor of this mod here :