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This mod gives races skulls, which you may loot from NPCs (non-player characters) after they die. Each skull is as anatomically correct as possible for its race and bears the name of the race. There are also named skulls for many named NPCs, and more will be added by request.

Those who might like this mod: Vampire hunters who want a skull for each vampire killed, instead of a lousy pair of vampire boots! Dark Brotherhood assassins who collect a trophy for each assassination. Stormcloaks or Imperial Legionaries who seek to intimidate by heaping a pile of enemy skulls outside a city gate.


1. Description
2. Skulls Added and Their Values
3. NPCs With Named Skulls
4. Requirements
5. Installing
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Incompatibilities With Other Mods
8. Known Bugs
9. Uninstalling
10. Version History
11. Translations

1. Description

This mod adds skulls for the races Afflicted, Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, Draugr, Dremora, Elder, Falmer, Hagraven, High Elf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orc, Redguard, Vampire, Werewolf and Wood Elf. The skulls may be looted from dead NPCs, displayed as trophies, or sold for gold.

UPDATES: Now has named skulls for all faction quest bosses, Daedric quest bosses and many other named skulls. See the Discussions page for a complete list. I will add more named skulls as requests come in. If there is enough interest, I plan an optional add-on mod, which will add furniture for displaying the skulls in each player home.

2. Skulls Added and Their Values

Skull | New Mesh+ | New Texture+ | Rarity
* Afflicted | no | yes | rare
* Argonian | yes | yes | rare
* Breton | no | no | uncommon
* Dark Elf (Dunmer) | yes | yes | uncommon
* Draugr | no | no | uncommon
* Dremora | yes | yes | very rare
* Elder (older Nord) | no | no | uncommon
* Falmer | yes | yes | rare
* Hagraven (NEW!) | yes | yes | very rare
* High Elf (Altmer) | yes | yes | uncommon
* Imperial | no | no | common
* Khajiit | yes | no | rare
* Nord | no | no | common
* Orc (Orsimer) | yes | no | uncommon
* Redguard | no | no | uncommon
* Vampire | yes | yes | very rare
* Werewolf (NEW!) | yes | yes | very rare
* Wood Elf (Bosmer) | yes | yes | rare

(+ New mesh or texture is different from the default skull.)

New Values for the Skulls
* Common - 5
* Common named - 25
* Uncommon - 10
* Uncommon named - 50
* Rare - 25
* Rare named - 100
* Very rare - 150
* Very rare named - 300
* End of quest line boss - 500

3. NPCs With Named Skulls

* Bosses: Main bosses from each faction and Daedric quest line
* College of Winterhold: Members, followers and foes
* Companions: Members, followers and Silver Hand foes
* Daedric Quests: Bosses, foes and other targets
* Dark Brotherhood: Members, foes and all named assassination targets
* Hagravens: All named
* Jarls: All who are jarls at game start
* Thieves Guild: All named foes
* Werewolves: All named

(A complete list of named skulls is on the Discussions page. More will be added by request.)

4. Requirements

* Skyrim and Skyrim updates - required
* Hearthfire - not required, but compatible
* Dawnguard - not required, but compatible
* Dragonborn - not required, but compatible

5. Installing

Use the Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the three files named races_skulls_sp0 to the Data folder.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should consider this mod?
A. Vampire hunters, Dark Brotherhood assassins, and others who collect trophies from prey or foes.

Q. Any DLCs required?
A. No, but this mod is compatible.

Q. How do I get the skulls?
A. Kill an NPC, activate its corpse and take the skull.

Q. Can I get skulls for NPCs I've already killed?
A. No. You can only loot skulls from those slain after subscribing to this mod. But if you really want a skull, I will explain how to use the Command Console to get it.

Q. What can I do with the skulls?
A. Sell them, display them, or pile them up to show your prowess in battle.

Q. Is there furniture to display the skulls on?
A. An optional add-on mod will add furniture to display skulls.

Q. Did you add skulls to all NPCs?
A. Yes, with some exceptions. Every effort was made to ensure each NPC has a skull.

Q. Do any NPCs of a supported race have no skulls?
A. Yes, ghosts (who are disembodied) and children (because taking their skulls seems wrong)!

Q. Will you add skulls for Dawnguard and Dragonborn?
A. I'll make optional add-on mods if this mod gets enough subscribers and thumbs up.

Q. Do any NPCs have skulls with their names?
A. Yes, a list of these is on the Discussions page.

Q. Will you add more named skulls?
A. Yes. Give me NPC names, so I may add them.

Q. Will you add skulls for other races, like trolls?
A. For these skulls, subscribe to Dragons, Giants, Mammoths and Trolls Drop Skulls. But let me know of any other races you want.

Q. Are you open to suggestions for changing skulls?
A. Sure! Tell me changes you want me to consider.

Q. Why did I get a vampire skull when I killed a Nord, Dark Elf, etc.?
A. There are some NPCs who are hiding the fact they are vampires, or who contract vampirism.

Q. What do I do if an NPC has no skull?
A. Tell me the NPCs race, name and occupation, so I may add the skull.

Q. Should I tell you if an NPC has two skulls?
A. Yes, it's a bug. Give me the race and name so I may fix it. For now, keep the extra one. Maybe the NPC was carrying a skull of a fallen friend or foe?

Q. Can I use skulls to make potions, weapons or armor?
A. No, but let me know if this is something you want.

Q. Will you upload this mod to Steam, too?
A. The mod is already featured on Steam.

Q. Will you answer other questions?
A. Please ask!

7. Incompatibilities With Other Mods

No confirmed incompatibilities.

8. Known Bugs

All known bugs have been fixed where NPCs were missing skulls, or had the wrong skulls for their races. There are still a few NPCs who have two skulls, which will be fixed in future updates. For now, you may consider any extra skull one the NPC took from a fallen comrade or foe.

9. Uninstalling

Use the Nexus Mod Manager, or manually remove the three files named races_skulls_sp0 from the Data folder.

10. Version History

Latest release: Version 3.5 - Added named skulls for the remaining Daedric quests.

For a complete list of named skulls added, see the Discussions page.

For earlier releases, see the Change Notes page.

11. Translations

A Brazillian translation is here:

Many thanks to Journeyman for translating the mod.