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This is a follower named Robihing Thunder-Voice.
He want's to be your follower and your companion.

What's New?
He can now shout:Unrelenting Force,Fire Breath and Ice Form

Manual Install Info

Put The ROBIHINGFOLLOWER.ESP in the data folder of your skyrim folder.

EXAMPLE: C:/Program Files/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data

Where to find him? You will find him in Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth

What is he skilled at? He is very skilled in: One Handed,Two Handed,Block,Heavy Armor and Sneak.

What is he NOT skilled at? He is NOT skilled at destruction,alteration,illusion,conjuration...
But he does have a Grand Healing spell.

And he is also resistant to shouts.But Fire Breath and Frost Breath he only staggers.

Note: This is just the beta version the full version is going to come out soon.
I am planing to add shouts to him,make him custom armor and custom weapons, a unique quest to get him as a follower,his own custom voice and make him comment on the enviorment.